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  • Just a thought I think Jericho has adrenaline addiction. He enjoys combat too much, wants sex always, and in addition to his ADHD is extra H.
    I am officially old because I was listening to caramell dansen. I am old by internet standards.
    I dunno. I think that may have even been one of the problems I tried to come up with a problem that went way too against Jericho.
    sort of. I mean there will still be some problems. Maybe I'll see if Jer can be a little more troubled just to help keep that normal. You should keep kat up to date too. Seph and Kat are supposedly important to Jer and Ell, so I mean.
    ok so yeah ret con. We could jsut cut and continue, or a new thread. i mean I say we jsut go right on back to 2 years later this is how the place is.
    :kiss: I love you. ya know part of me still chuckles that you're not really the sort to wear makeup, but to perform you wear it. just sort of ironic.
    its prom its a day to get dressed up. even if you'd have to hang onto me for dear life to stay standing. It wouldn't be so bad then again. I think we'd end up doing that anyway.
    Garden of Olympus

    If you could show this to your boyfriend, I'd be extremely grateful. I'd do it myself, but he has me blocked. It amuses me.
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