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  • Well that's jus thow my university work since our terms are only three months long.
    Not until august, I only had a one week break but now th enew term started.
    not much I started school agian but it's pretty easy going so far thankfully.
    So then you just had more free time xD well it sucks when things get busy.

    Yeah so I'm really nervous right now xD
    Oh, you were on vacation.

    Busy as well, I've had to study a lot cause I have my last set of exams this week.
    Heh, I was probably in the same boat as you. I only popped in every now and then, but last I remember you were gone for a long while too.

    I took a lengthy hiatus since I was doing my Masters. I'll be wrapping up my studies in a month so I might start ramping up activity again.
    Oh, I am happy. ;) Hurry up now, you wouldn't want me powering through the rest of 2-7 and giving you three to comment on~

    Actually, that was a stealth jab at blog mods. I had my bearded dragon on my shoulder and well, nature ending up calling for it. Had to clean things up and it was quite annoying.
    Sending it via PM would probably be best for me, no need for document conversion, just standard ol' copy-n-pasting action. ;p
    Anyways I'm actually going to be doing an article for the Writing Academy about Plot Flow so if there's things you want to know about for your story you should be on the look out :p
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