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  • Oh hey, any preference on Elyna's birthday (e.g. the date she turned 18)? It may affect something later, by which I mean earlier.

    For the record, as of 1-4, the date is April 18th.
    Heyo Aie. I'm not really the person to go to for tutorials. XD I never used tutorials much back when I was starting out. ^^; But there are tons of tutorials out there, you just have to google what you want to do.
    At least the cold isn't preventing me from progress on my fanfic. Got a new chapter up, and I still can't believe I used trigonometry to worldcraft. :p
    Um, I have a question about the RP forums in general. You mention posting too little in the RP forum rules, but you don't mention anything about posting too much. What are the general expectations for long posts? Is it acceptable to write more than, say, two paragraphs per reply? I only ask because I am used to RPs where 1,000 word posts are the norm. And, honestly, I see nothing wrong with that. If the pace is generally fast, then I can understand if I need to tone it down, in order to keep a quick pace.
    lol, I do have Skype: JFieldsF

    Is AIM (or any other IM system) not an option?
    Yeah, that was it. Thanks. :D

    Thinking it over last night, she actually can be worked into my fic PERFECTLY and develop/consolidate a few things, even if she has only a single appearance.

    On another note, have you read the first chapter in the forum, yet?
    Yeah, really should've. Muriel wanted to pick Phoebe and would've been able to, but Aporon used his pull to block that. "Not being able to pick her family" works as a cover story, though. :D Also, no problem on the aid in character development.


    Fritz acknowledged the information. "I figured as much." He took note of the ongoing proceedings around him, and though physically calmer, he mentally kept on his guard. Perhaps by force of habit. Even if she said one thing today, she could very well say another thing tomorrow. Being honest with himself, he sort of liked this girl too. Well, he liked her better than Aporon's goons, at least. They were just obnoxious. Though, he'd put up with worse than both before...

    "So is there anything else?" Fritz asked. He still wasn't in any discernible hurry.
    Other way around, dude. Aporon picked Fritz to get the win in the tournament (with Fritz being a talented trainer and all, with the added benefit of being able to screw with him), and Phoebe solely to harass Muriel. Using his pull in both instances. :p Fritz already knows Aporon used it to get him - being told outright - so he's assuming the same in the latter case.
    Rukh's a bit of an oddball of a case. Every school would naturally have its own set of courses and whatnot, although Rukh's is more out of line than most. I can still see it working, technically, if her old school had a similar tournament. Might be a little confusing, otherwise, so... :p


    Fritz nodded appreciatively at the information he was given. Cronus Aporon, Muriel Palmoni, and this girl, Elyna. The big three of the school. He'd already seen the first in action on one occasion. He didn't get the impression that Aporon battled for the thrill and glory. But maybe that was just him. On the last, the most dangerous opponent is debatable as one you know little about. Fortunately, the same could be said about himself...just in case. He wouldn't have to worry about her in the tournament, at least.

    Now, someone who uses her Hariyama as a tank? Fritz wondered to himself...could that be the same person he saw in battle when he first came to the Tactics class? Her Pokemon basically squeezed and stepped on that Ursaring until its trainer gave up. If so, he was sure that he should take that warning seriously. Although he disagreed with Elyna's assessment of skill. If her battling style got her to that level, then who is he to judge?

    His theory was all but confirmed, too. Confidently, he asked, "And, I'm guessing as a way to slight Muriel, he used his pull as 'king of our school' to make sure she wouldn't get to mentor her sister?"
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