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  • Pretty good, enjoying a bit of a vacation from school, though I still have to work.
    Anytime, Akari! Fair warning though, I'm not this amazing writer that you think I am haha. I'm just a normal guy who enjoys it. I would be happy to offer any help I can, but there are probably better options out there if you're looking for a teacher haha.
    Hey Akari, thanks for the review! I wasn't sure whether A Da Vinci Smile would appeal to readers who haven't read The Long Walk xD
    Yeah, let me know what you need help with. I don't think I'm that good. There are tons of awesome writers here, but thanks for the kind words.
    Nothing much, just working and studying, it's a bit troublesome if anything.
    Only if it comes down to a moment where I have to massage them xD though most girls over here aren't really interested in massages to begin with.
    Well that's true xD oddly enough massages are one of the only things I'm a natural at, when I was a kid I just saw it on tv and I did was imitate but I'm always getting praised for them for some reason -w-
    Well yeah I want to stay in shape xD I forgot to do them all through last month >>

    cause of yoga?
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