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  • Oh its nothing special,i just noticed we dont talk very often and hopefully that can change.I just wanted to say hi and chat abit.

    I noticed like many your not very satisfied with BW series either and honestly i cant blame you,because i feel about most things the same.Definitely step down from DP in storyline.
    This seems like first series where Ash, and his main rival have been depicted seemingly as inferior ( at least to far) to the former's traveling companions. More emphasis has been put on them having to grow stronger, moreso than Dento and Iris. Would you say that has to do with the series treating them as "the beginners"?
    Who do you think Trip will be battling in his next appearance? I don't know if he would want to battle Ash actually. After his loss to Cilan I would think he would want a rematch. Since Iris is apparently the strongest, or seems like the anime is trying to imply, of the current trio he'll challenge her.
    I can't help but feel they want to give Iris all this glory, because of her being one of the gym leaders in the games, and the last one at that. But the writers just stacked the odds too much in against Ash in the finals. All things considered he put up an okayish fight, but it was just too much.
    I was watching the Pokemon Smash preview, and it showed a few new things. One scene that caught my eye was Ash seemingly yelling "Yamero" or "Stop it" to someone (Pikachu I guess), while seemingly visibly shaking. I could have heard totally wrong, since the narrators voice was speaking over his. It brought the idea of a forfeit to my mind which would kind of end the tournament on a sour note. Though, I guess we just have to wait, and see what happens.
    It's interesting that some people view Iris as more competent than Ash now because of her battle with Kenyan. But wouldn't that also apply to Cilan lol? I guess this is kinda the same thing that happened with the 99 streak thing back in episode 36. XD
    I think I would have felt alot better about the final match-up if Ash wasn't at such a massive disadvantage. It either screams, Ash winning cheaply...or things about Iris in terms of overall I've already mentioned in the thread. But, what can you do?

    I guess the only thing we might possibly get out of this is some sort of Ash, and Iris development/foreshadowing. Even that seems a bit unlikely considering the lack of development overall.

    Well in my view, things have worked out in her in favor so far this tournament. From Emonga's apparent sudden willingness to battle, to Axew's sudden power boost, and she of course hasn't used her best yet. Pikachu will have to pull some serious DEM if it wants to beat Excadrill. Then there's the fact that I believe that this episode will indeed foreshadow the 8th gym battle. Of course, Ash could win...but given the initial unpredictability of this tournament I can see the writers wanting to give her the win. Yeah, he beat Dawn but Paul was there, and Dawn was weaker than Iris was at this point in their respective series.

    I agree it should have been Ash/Luke though, how Axew wins is beyond me. Kinda defeats the purpose of giving her problemed Pokemon when their issues seem to be solved as qucikly as they are.
    While lurking over at Serebii it seems the Iris arguing has even spread over there, with a few people that used to support her getting rather annoyed by her in this tournament and saying similar things people (myself included) say here. I honestly don't know what the writers are doing here. If she beats Ash, which seems extremely likely, the backlash might be pretty bad, possibly even worse than the May/Dawn Wallace Cup thing.

    Some people welcome the change in the females "power level", but I, think they need to slow it down if they want to make her win here. Giving Iris "problemed Pokemon" seems pointless now if they just all disappear when it's convenient for her, or she needs be glorified. Having Ash, who does actively train lose to a mostly sidelined trainer seems....eh.
    Rather odd they have the Iris/Ash battle so soon. I was't actually expecting it this early. I guess it's anyone's game now. Din't expect this to be a Ash, and Iris centric arc. But, the titles kinda implied it.
    Yeah, that's a part of my point. I understand they want to probably develop Iris's team. But for a character, who's been sitting on the sidelines for the majority of the series so far...it would seem strange to let her shine over every single notable character in this tournament. Outside of Excadrill, she really hasn't done much training. Cilan got knocked out fairly early which is understandable since he doesn't actively battle as much for example.
    Would you find it somewhat forced if Iris were to make the finals, where both Ash and Cilan failed? Especially considering the team she entered with. Right now, for her to get possibly that far just seems a contrived attempt to glorify her. When the other notable trainers that participated in this tournament have probably trained harder than her overall in regards to their whole team.
    Lol, I don't think the writers are nice enough, to "allow" Ash to win a mini-tournament, and then a badge right after. Unless of course they want to go the "Vanity Affair" route.
    I would have to assume that since this tournament is a 4 part arc, that one of the main characters has to make it to the finals. IIRC, whenever there is a small tournament in the series usually one of the main characters is in the finals, and don't have them all sit out for the final round, excluding the Whirl Cup. For example the Wallace Cup, the Tag Battle arc, or the Palmer tournament. Since Cilan is seemingly getting an early exit, that only leaves Ash and Iris.
    I see you dont like to talk much about older characters judging by some of ignored messages but thats fine.

    On a side note what do you think about upcoming episode with tournament being hosted by don Georgio?
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