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  • Hi, I read your Origin of Species: Poochyena and Mightyena, and I appreciate the hyenas, I find them very interesting animals, plus Poochyena became my 7th favorite Pokémon, I hope Serena catches one to promote ORAS.
    Could I use your concluding paragraph in your On Your Origin of Species: Farfetch'd article in my Normal-type Reviews as the opening quotation?
    Hi! I guess I'm the 1923120981290123th person to say it, but I miss your column "On the Origin of Species". But if you don't have the time or desire to continue it, I understand.

    Good luck with everything :)
    My hope is to work with Cnidaria, preferably in the realm of coral preservation. I've just had a drive ever since I visited the reefs in the Keys in 2012.
    I'm a fan of the Origin of the Species articles I'm wondering how many do you have planed every time I think you might have stopped the series more appear :)
    I will most definitely look into it. I appreciate the suggestion too, I all too often really find myself trying to find new and interesting information on things, if for nothing else than to continue learning. Also, I found your most recent On The Species Origins articles interesting, especially the one on the slowpoke family and the one on Dunsparce. I find cryptids to be an interesting yet strangely untapped source for inspiration of pokemon. There are so many cryptids out there to look at and take inspiration from, I am shocked that the designers haven't leapt onto them and come up with more than they have so far. I was also wondering what your thoughts on the Magmar family and rhydon family were. I mean I know Rhyhorn and Rhydon are based mostly on the Rhinoceros, but I have been trying to figure out where they got their inspiration for Rhyperior from, and similarly with Magby, Magmar, and Magmorter. I know the duck, platypus, and maybe even the legendary "Salamander" may have been an influence, but it has me so curious that I thought I would ask your opinion.
    I have been reading your articles "On the Origin of Species" and have to say I absolutely love the way you have used your skills as both a writer and a biologist to go in depth and give people a more informed look at where some pokemon originated from. The most recent Article I have read was on Poochyena and Mightyena, and I for one agree completely with you. Hyena's get a terrible reputation, but are actually quite amazing and beautiful animals. There is even a village in Africa that coexists with a pack of Spotted Hyena in their area so well, that the animals allow the villagers to not only approach them, but even hand feed and pet them. Even though they are clearly still wild animals, they have learned that the villagers mean no harm to them, and are even willing to feed them, and thus the pack doesn't take aggressive actions towards the villagers. I think this alone shows just how intelligent these animals truly are, and I wanted to thank you for sharing your talents as both a writer and biologist with the rest of us, and for helping shed some light on where the minds behind pokemon get their ideas.
    You must be a Sailor Moon fan if your banner and the background of your avatar picture have Sailor Moon on the shelf :D
    I don't know if you would be willing or even have the ability to do this but i was wondering if you change my username from Solrock to SHINY SOLROCK The reason i was wondering if you could this change is that i forgot the word shiny when i changed it from SHINY HEATRAN a couple days ago.
    Thank you
    I can't get enough of your avatar. Also, I have those exact Sailor Moon box sets on that shelf behind you.
    Hi Bikini Miltank! If I remember correctly you're the guy who does the On the Origin of Species articles on Bulbapedia. I just thought I'd drop a VM here and tell you that I enjoyed reading all of them. Biology has always been my favorite subject (=
    But competitive battles does effect popularity. GF hyped up Zoroark's performance in the anime showing how strong it is, but it ended up being UU.

    Joshawott has warned me not to listen to Smogon, but what they're doing to these Pokemon in their standards is simply fueling up my rage to the point where I have to exaggerate on what they're doing to them based on analyzing the Pokemon who are being used the most. I really want GF to imporve the Pokemon in the low tiers and nerf the ones in the high tiers, so it'll be fair game. But in order to do this, GF will need to expand their awareness of competitive play outside of their official tournaments.
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