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  • I am aware that you can do that with usernames. The reason your thread was locked is that the focus of the thread very much appeared to be on something we already have a thread for - sharing usernames. If you wish to speak in general about the actual content of game itself, that would be a fitting thread topic, but your post did not convey that to us.
    Since the trades are done I've switched back to VMs

    I thought you played the game before? Don't want to spoil it for you but if you've just got your 7th badge you're going to run into your box legendary pretty soon...
    I should be thanking you, your trade fodder had two hidden abilities (Dragonair/Marowak), the latter of which I didn't have.

    The gift that keeps on giving!
    Neat. I've decided to stick with PMs just to keep everything in one place. Read the latest one and see what you think!
    VM inaugaration!!
    hey cheren is grace you ign??
    and what was that you were talking about a UT pikachu gaining levels
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