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  • People like that are just douches. I mean, if that's how they get their jollies, that's kind of pathetic.
    Yes, I'm sure it's still there. I wonder if any of the people who said that they were going to do it actually did it.
    Yeah, the ending was kind of bland. But I thought that it was a really good movie, I especially liked most of the beginning.
    LOL Haven't you read the books? Sorry I guess. Though now that you mention it, I think that there was an entire thread somewhere here about people who were going to do that...
    I don't end up seeing that many movies, even though I always say that I am. Aside from Harry Potter 6, the last movie I saw was sometime over the Winter. I assume that you've seen HP6 then?
    Thanks. I'm not that worried though, they've said that this test should be easy as long as we've been coming to the classes.

    So what else do you do then?
    Yeah, I had something similar. Still, taking Martial Arts is awesome IMO. I actually started taking a second one too. Just a month ago, I started Muay Thai. Actually, my first belt-test is tonight.
    It's still good though. I mean, it's what keeps out the people who don't really want to work for it. So why did you decide to take up Karate?
    2 months is the norm for us, though you have to be ready to test too. But I'm lucky, I managed to get through the color-belt program before they added a BUNCH of different belt colors. :p
    That's much smaller than in my program. We have:

    Yellow-tip (Tip = white stripe in the middle of the belt)
    Cho Dan Bo (Dark Blue, or Temporary Black Belt)

    Though we only have to wait two months between each belt. What about you?
    Yes, I'm pretty good at singing, if I could brag for a bit. Though I can never find a song in my range...
    And trust me, Blue belt is nowhere near halfway. Sorry to not sound positive, but I'm a second-degree and I still don't know what I'm doing half of the time.
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