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  • I don't know... surprise me =P And it'll just be a friendly battle, is all ^^ What day of next week works best for you?
    You can take both. I'll be out of town starting Thursday until Monday morning. Shoot for a day next week then?

    And I take the no response to my last question as a "no" ^^
    I think that should be fine. (Mostly because I know nothing about IVs.) Want to trade now? Also want the Meowth to have a nickname? I'd like the Eevee to be nicknamed Lance if it's not too much trouble.
    Do you think you could maybe get me a Modest Eevee instead? If not that's perfectly fine, I've just been looking for one. Especially one named Lance. :p
    Hm. I suppose I'll just get more repels and do it that way then... at least until I get the better hang of it. My longest chain has only been 15 on Raltz in Diamond before I messed it up and said "meh" to it all.

    What did you use to make that grid, if I may ask?
    What do you mean? I usually go to the farthest away (if its not more than 6 steps away) that shakes the same way, that isn't next to another or near an edge/object. But I keep getting budews or nincadas around the 7 mark =(
    T_T Bunneary's hate me... I can't seem to chain them longer than 7 times T_T I believe I'm doing everything the chaining thread says... have any other tips? T_T
    Terribly sorry but from 7:50 am to 3:20 pm Atlantic I'm at school and then I usually go to sleep around 11. If we could trade at say, 10:30 pm (Atlantic) that would work.
    I apologize for any and all trouble.
    Hey! I'm ready to trade. Can you nickname the Eevee Sakura if it's a girl and Tayven if it's a boy? Edit: Darn...looks like you just went offline.
    Yay! Do you know anything about making poffins in groups? I really don't. All I know is that you can't use two of the same berry, or it will turn out foul. I don't know what else is involved in avoiding a foul poffin or to get a really good one of the flavor that you want.

    It will probably be a little while before I can do this, though. After this week, I have one more week of class and then finals, so things are a bit hectic. Once it's all over, I'll have plenty of time to coordinate some poffin making time with you!
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