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  • Ah, that one. That was also locked due to thread necromancy. I think at this point a new thread would be best since that one was 29 pages long.
    If you're referring to the thread in the Pokemon World section, then no. That thread was originally made in 2005 and didn't even belong in there. If you want to discuss who Satoshi's father might be, then make a thread in the anime section.
    I was a fan of bakugan, how'd you know? Anthony Von Hertzon was my character in a bakugan RP. He was Klaus's little brother. ROFL the second generation ppl got mad cause they didn't want uncles and aunts.

    Yea, I was a fan of bakugan but I got bored of it because I learned everything there was to learn and no one could beat me in a brawl. I honestly haven't played in like 2 years or whatever. I'm no good now especially with all the new bakugan stuff there is.

    Did you recognize the name?
    Hey there! :D Yup, I did.
    Well... all the shipping threads are closed... unless they opened them again? *goes to check*
    There is a way to get the thread re-opened. Go to the last post in the Morpheus thread, there you wil find a post by Hun, referring to new rules. Read those and send a PM to Hun, asking to reopen the thread. If enough users do this, the thread will be re-opened!
    I have no idea. It seemed like a prank at first, Team Rocket taking over, but this is taking too long for a prank. It annoys me as well and I hope all will be back to the way it was soon...
    Happy birthday! I said it at the Morpheus thread, and now I'll say it here! :) :birthday:
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