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  • Yeah I'm struggled with the Elite Four I think the Fighting type guy was the hardest.
    Hey! Did you beat your game yet I just defeated Geechizu he was pretty hard with that Sazando of his good thing I had Ononokusu.
    I just didn't realize that THAT was the girl who gives you the fossil.

    Thankfully Purotoga was the first option. XD
    Okay. Now I feel really stupid. I've had it this whole time and didn't realize it.
    Did you go in through the entrance with all the Hihidaruma around, or the actual castle part?
    I hate to bother you, but there's a guy in what I think is the entrance to the castle, and he won't let me go down the stairs.
    Hey when is your games estimated delivery date mines on Monday it changed to Order Shipped sometime yesterday. I wonder if you'll get yours later today or Monday like me
    Congratulations! You've won your choice of a copy of Black or White as a result of your guess in the Speculation Contest!
    :p Yeah it is going to be hard when Diamond and Pearl came out I couldn't help but look at all the new pokemon I couldn't wait until April 2007.
    Yeah same! Its going to be difficult for me because I never did this before but I'm going to try to avoid looking at the gym leader rosters and the elite four rosters because I want a surprise. I guess I'll do the same thing for the rival rosters so I'm going to avoid going on the computer until I get my game.
    Ugh when will are Play Asia status change to preparing order I'm so anxious i can't wait any longer!
    We never actually talked, but it's great to see a DP fan like myself. Nice to meet you. ^^
    Relax bro, I'm just messing around. :p I like AdvanceShipping better than PokeShipping at least.
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