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  • Hi. I remember you from the Advanceshipping thread a long time ago. I was "Heathcliff Huxtable" at that time. If you'd care to take a stroll down memory lane, let me know. We could chat on IRC or anywhere else you suggest, as neither of us are here anymore.
    Oh hey, you're alive! Nice to know. IRC's still somewhat active, if you ever want to drop in for a visit.

    Sorry for not replying right away, my Internet was down for like a week.
    Hi, you checked out the new advanceshipping forum we've been making? It's pretty sweet and a bunch of people you know are there.

    ADVancers - Login
    Hey DarkDreams i know you are a veteran advanceshipper here and i would like to apologize about how the thread is doing. Ever since i got in, all the writers started to get in the place and has been causing a bit of trouble for us. I may seem like a douche to you and the other veterans but i promise you only good intentions for our community.
    First it was the fanfiction contest and the constant small talk. i just want to help the thread be more active and i guess all i did was hurt it so im sorry.

    If theres anything i can do to fix things up please let me know.
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