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  • Thanks! I drew it up quickly yesterday after I joined. Thanks so much for the warm welcome! Espeon has been my favourite since Gen II. Before that it was Vaporeon.
    Yeah you have me on Skype and I think we've added each other on League as well :) I'm gonna try to do my placement matches for ranked now that I finished my tests @_@
    Sigh* nvm And as u can see, i've bin quite lazy on the forums for some reason. Loosing my Drive :/
    Tha best rite!? :D

    I do Actually~ Feel free to add me~ Ign: JustJeff, and Just Jeff indeed~!
    I'm like LvL, 28 and almost 30! :D I've bin playing on the Howling Abyss for quite a while tho.
    But nontheless, wat is thee username~!?
    No, not for Wii U, but for other consoles. ^^;

    Oh, I was wondering about that! Sure, I don't mind.
    Whaaa I don't remember SAT scores coming months later! :0

    Hehe we got most of the recording done! Now we just have to do the editing, music, and the poster!

    Also random fact, the Amanda Show theme is actually "Wizard Peak" from the first Spyro game!
    D: Survived my exams, good luck with yours! Haha so I'm free for League most times now, just drop a line when you want to shake off the rust :p
    Alright, I think I should be able to do that. ^^

    Ooh, anime games seem fun too. ^^ Most of the anime I watch don't seem to have games in the US though. And if they do it's on consoles I don't have. u.u
    Hahah I hope you did good! :) Are you getting the results soon?

    Whoops I can't believe I completely forgot to respond and APs are now over haha! xD

    I've been good! My friends and I have to record a skit for our mass media class today (it's a parody of Judge Judy and Judge Trudy from The Amanda Show)!
    Also, would it be afternoon or evening? When you wanted to play that is. I'm in EST.

    Hmm ... Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper is a fun, simplistic beat-em-up. I think you can get it for $15 now. The graphics are kinda subpar for Wii U standards since it was ported from another older console, but it doesn't matter that much.
    Okaysh. c: If you'd rather wait til Sunday I should definitely be able to play then.
    Ohhoho!! Not bad at all~ But I could definitely see more work being done to it~ But nonetheless, the contest shall continue~! (-‿◕)
    Well here is mine once more~ I did a few adjustments from the original but I think the judges will agree. Wouldn't you agree Drey~!? Hmmm~~!!! ;)
    So w/ further ado~ Am I crowned a Drey Slayer~? (◕‿◕) or perhaps JaJeff has lost the battle~? Stayed Tuned until the reply has bin VM'ed to Jeff! Hoo-Ahh!
    And did you see my new updated "About Me" tab on my profile~!? Its tha best rite~! :D
    Haha no worries, just enjoy yourself while you get back into things :p And I'm kinda rusty too because of exams so no pressure.
    Okay ^^ It might take a day or two for me to accept though, I'm usually rather slow about this sort of thing xD
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