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  • You gotta add them to your Wii U friend list using their NNID ... in my case, Karis94.
    Ahh I getcha. They actually don't seem to affect me much aside from watery eyes now and then.
    Just to let you know, i'm still waiting~ ✌(◕‿-)✌ No rush at all~
    Can't wait to see it~ ;)
    Oh ... guess it's a good thing I never played MKWii then o.o I never got un-used to karts. xD Granted it still took me a while to get used to MK8.

    Though there are some bikes that drift the same way karts do, so you could always use those. But they don't offer as much speed as some of the karts, so they're probably better used with heavier characters ... unless you're on 200cc.
    Ah yeah, go for them three-stars!

    Yeah, I can see why they nerfed the bikes though. I hear they were basically unstoppable in MKWii.
    Wow, perfect timing for me to come back too~! I honestly was on Hiatus too~ xD But way shorter of a time~
    And it doesn't matter how long the reply is, as long as you reply~ Trust me, I wud know ◕‿- ~ Lol
    I'll be looking forward to that Signature~ and Welcome Back Buddy~ :)
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