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  • Mmm, I see. I don't mind whatever type it will have, so it could even be a Fire/Fighting Pokémon, I wouldn't care since it's not a starter (that wouldn't make sense, but you see where I am going =P)
    Yup. I don't know if Game Freak took notice of that, but if this Eeveelution ends up being a Flying-type one, we can safely say it's inspired from Fuuro.

    Seeing how Gen 2 got Espeon & Umbreon, and Gen 4 got Leafeon & Glaceon... One can assume the pattern "1st new Eeveelution is beaten by the 2nd new Eeveelution" will also apply to Ninfia & maybe the next Eeveelution... Which means if Ninfia is Flying-type, one can assume the next Eeveelution will beat Ninfia in the type match-up. And that might means we'll have a Rock-type Eeveelution, since Electric (Jolteon) & Ice (Glaceon) already exists.

    Of course this is pure speculation. :p
    Thanks for the feedback !

    Yes, going in details is where I'm lacking in terms of writing. Sometimes I don't even think about it, thus missing out the opportunity to make better dialogue, or descriptions. Then again I don't write much stuff often. In fact, this was my first writing work in a long time, and long time ago I was bad because my english wasn't that good at the time. XD

    Again, thanks for the feedback. :)
    My favourite Eeveelution is Vaporeon. The massive HPs are what caught my eyes when I first evolved my Eevee back in Blue :)
    I see. Psychic sure is a mysterious and fascinating type. My favourite Psychic-type is either Espeon or Metang. :)
    Already done, and interesting explanations, especially the ones on TantrumShipping. And I agree about staying around the Pokémon franchise =p

    Is there a Pokémon type you particularly like ? Mine is the Steel-type. So many resistances and such a cool one when combined with the Rock-type (you probably have guessed that Aggron is my favourite Pokémon) ^^
    A good number of ships I like aren't from Pokémon whatsoever, but here they are :
    The one ship that I'm considering is TransceiverShipping (Kyouhei & Ruri or Nate & Yancy). Ruri/Yancy's interactions and her XTransceiver face is making me consider this ship very hard.
    AH. THAT ONE. I still haven't recovered from that translation mishap. XD

    And indeed, as long as the hints keep flowing, the shippers shall raise ! :D
    I saw it. But I'm more of a lurker than anything. Besides, while I don't really tend to support same-gender shippings, I don't mind looking through the fanarts / threads about it, because with some imagination these can work pretty well.

    I don't know if this can be considered as a hint, because it's only present in the french translation as to my knowledge, but I think I caught a KamiFuu moment in there.
    The spoiler is to make the comment look "clean" ^^;

    If you plan on searching fanart of the shipping on Pixiv, here's a little warning : the search bar isn't present right away. To find it, click on a random fanart, then click on one of its keywords, AND then the next page will show a search of that keyword, in which you will see the search bar. Also, make sure to get the name of the shipping in katakana (KamiFuu or FuuKami. Both works and sometimes you can find different fanarts).

    Miscellaneous : Kamitsure is called "Inezia" and Fuuro is called "Carolina" in french. :)
    I don't know if you have seen this fanart of KamiFuu : 「ぶっとびコンビの、その後」/「沖本マカ@ついった」の漫画 [pixiv]
    I found this randomly while looking up fanarts for Homika (Roxie). I thought that would interest you =p
    Haha, same here. As for shipping, I'll ship pretty much anything if the characters interest me/I think it'd work, idk, but I tend to like yuri ships the best, as well.
    Hi~! Yeah, I know the feeling. There don't seem to be many yuri shippers on Bulba, most of my shipping creys are on Tumblr XD; Anyway, it's nice to meet you! :D
    Do it, and I'm sure you'll find your depression fade, maybe not fully, but it'll surely help :)
    That's good to hear :)

    When I'm depressed i do feel lethargic, i just don't want to do anything. I barely want to live. So i know what its like. What might be good is to do something you have nostalgia for, like play an old game or read a favorite book. That helps me.
    That sounds really good :) What kind of stuff do you want to do when you feel better?
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