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  • Hey I had to leave a few days ago so I was not able to get the story done. but I have started again. So now you know I didn't forget.
    Hey there. If you don't remember, I'm the one you took on as an apprentice way back when xD
    I'm not obliged to ref it (even if it is the same thread) although I'll be more than happy to ref it anyways. :)

    The problem is, though, is that Jake434 hasn't mentioned what ability his Zigzagoon has. Once he has edited the ability in, I'll start reffing. :D
    Well, maybe I'm in the lead...I'm still waiting for 'the one'. I don't know why I started with Timid, just felt like it. I've got the Wobbys ready to do all 3. Speaking of the subway...if you still need those berries I've got plenty of the EV reducing ones and probably have the others too.

    I haven't used him much either, but he's definitely good. It looks like you can breed Stealth Rock on him in 5G so you should be good.
    Sorry, I didn't see that you asked for another battle otherwise I wouldn't responded sooner. I say 'Yes!' to another round.
    Yeah so...the race I was referring to was a Wynaut breeding race. Probably not a good idea to suggest, because I'm still working on Timid (first nature I'm doing). I guess maybe I jinxed myself after all. My target is obviously 31/x/31/x/31/31...I got one that is like 31/x/31/x/29/31 but I should be able to get those 4 31s, or at least a 30 in that last spot :3...if I get tired of doing Timid I guess I could move on to Calm or Bold and hope for better ones.

    I don't think Forretress gained much of anything between gens except TMs so I just shifted my 4th gen Pineco. Good luck breeding them :D
    A Ghost/Fire type can't really do much direct damage to a Dark/Dragon type anyway, so whittling them down through indirect damage helps. I also just pulled off a Confuse Ray to use Hustle's attack boost. Yeah, whatever it takes to win, really.
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