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  • Go for it! I just know I'm going to get stuck/lost, but it'll be fun nonetheless xD

    Yep, there's loads of my stuff on there, take whatever you want. I might add some other stuff up another time, as I've got a couple of things still left in the PC iirc.

    Well, if there's another one, maybe you can apply then :p
    Oh, okay. From the looks of those bikes they are all probably plenty good enough for me! I'm not a person who would be like oh I want to get into photography I better buy a $1500 camera.

    I guess we can just race ;D

    Oh, yeah I forgot you have a Mac. Just remember, IR-GTS and Pokecheck aren't connected. When you 'use Pokecheck', you upload things directly to it without any programs. That's why it might be a better option for you. I use IR-GTS, but that's because I like to manage my Pokemon on my computer instead of on Pokecheck. Both IR-GTS and Pokecheck facilitate the transfer of Pokemon from your game to their .pkm formats via the fake GTS you set up with either your computer's DNS (in IR-GTS's case) or Pokecheck's DNS.

    Just so you know, I go in to work earlier at the office I'm at now, but I could do 10pm tonight...or Friday night.
    Thanks for the advice. So 'cyclocross' is a type of bike, not a particular brand, right? I think what you're describing is what I'm hoping to find.

    I hatched a couple of Wynaut eggs last night, but I haven't really checked 'em yet. They should be relatively short projects (I am probably jinxing myself here) since you don't need Atk OR SpA IVs.

    That's fine. Maybe one of these days when you have some time we could go over it, it's really useful. What would be a good time for you to pick up those mons?
    Thanks man. I will be back at my previous office soon, that part isn't a big deal, I was just helping out for a few months. The other stuff yeah, it's taking up a lot of my time.

    I need to double check, but I'd prefer to stay on paved surface if possible. I like riding, but I'm not too rugged...I don't see myself going up rocky paths on a mountain bike, I'd rather be cruising along a bike path...there are some good ones in this area. Price wise I'm not talking high end at all, but I want something that will perform decently and last for a while. My friend got one of those Trek hybrid bikes a few years back, I think that was maybe $700-800. I'd like to get an idea of what's available for around $500. Not looking for the ones that cost as much as small cars, haha.

    I think Wynaut must be an even lower tier than BL where Wobby is right now. Kind of nice to get that 2 for 1 when you're breeding. I think you have to do Wynauts anyway so that you can get Encore. I'll probably do all 3 of the natures, Timid/Bold/Calm.

    Have you tried any of the features of Pokecheck? It's pretty easy, I could probably help you out. For the time being I'll get the ones you want and send them to you.
    I'm glad you're getting a little relief. Biking interests me, but I don't have a bike right now. I think one of these days I'll get one of those hybrid bikes. Not trying to be too serious about it, but I am moving to a new place this summer and it's right next to a park w/ places to bike and run and all that. So...need entry level hybrid type bike is what I'm saying. Between the new house stuff and wedding planning and having been working at another office for the last few months, I'm looking forward to a small break also.

    Wobbuffet? That's not a bad idea! I finished a BP yesterday and I am looking for something else to start on. I haven't had much time lately to play, so I really haven't done anything except IV breed on Black. Not sure why I still enjoy it so much, but I've gotten some good ones in the past few weeks. I learned to RNG breed, but it wasn't very interesting so I went back to regular. RNG is a life saver for Hidden Power breeds though.

    So you want some Pokecheck mons sent to you via Wifi? I send stuff to my game from there all the time when I need parents for my babies...I'll be hunting down some Wobbuffets on there if I end up doing that. Just let me know what you need, and I'll send to my game. I won't have a chance to do it today, but I could do it Monday evening.
    Anytime! Both have turns reffed. And if you ever need a ref, feel free to ask.

    Well Japanese games will work on a regular DS / DS Lite when imported, but not on DSi or 3DS due to the games being region-locked. Luckily I have a DS Lite which still works, so I should be fine. I haven't imported anything before, so hopefully this works out fine!

    Moderating is going fine. I was recently made the head of Pokemon World and I was also hired in to help mod Video Games! :D Yeah, we had a staff drive during March, and quite a few people were taken on because of that.
    you were good too! the story section has been slow lately, i have three stories that still need to get graded. So don't worrie.
    Whoa, welcome back. I've been pretty busy! Still playing the games a little when I get a chance :]
    Oh, you know what, I actually managed to catch you a shiny Frillish in a Dusk Ball; Bold Water Absorb 31/x/31/30/31/31 IIRC. :/ It's still on Pokecheck, so if you can get someone like Troggy to download it (without it getting the ribbon hacked onto it) then you'er good to go!

    It's been nearly two years since Black and White were released in Japan, and when B2W2 are released worldwide it will be over a year and a half since B&W's worldwide release, so while it hasn't been ages, it's been quite a while. I am importing Black 2, when it comes out next month, because I don't want to spoil the games six months in advance like I usually do. It's preordered and everything, so I just gotta hope it turns up without any problems! :D
    That sucks :< At least you're through most of it then.

    You should learn RNG, it's easy. And with B2W2 coming, there may be new move tutors to teach to RNG'd stuff to!
    Wow, that sounds like it was fun :<

    Yeah, don't worry about those pokemon, feel free to do whatever with them. I probably either trained them myself or released them (I released loads of RNG'd stuff a couple of months back). I don't really play my Black anymore, not even to just RNG - I haven't RNG'd in about a month, so I don't have much need for them.

    Have you seen Black 2 and White 2 then?
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