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  • I started using the Rain Doubles team in the Battle Subway. So far, so good I suppose. I have already faced a bunch of Abomasnow, but Scizor is great for taking care of them. Fortunately, whatever variant I keep running into can't OHKO Latios with Blizzard, so that helps me by letting Latios nab a kill and then Poli can switch in behind him to take care of the weather. I am not sure I need Swords Dance on Qwilfish for this team, he usually doesn't have time to set up. I may try Choice Band since Explosion would be lolz then, even though it's nerfed.
    Ohh, okay. I didn't realize you could borrow that kind of stuff ;p

    Hmm...well maybe it wouldn't take me that much time to do Latias and Latios either. We'll find out later. I try to infect several things at once because it's always a hassle to do. I hate those times when you battle a bunch of wild Pokes and it just won't infect your target >.<
    Oh...lol. Still, not having to do all the work is surely worth it. I didn't realize you had lots of 'tools' at work? :p

    That still seems really fast...I don't think there is a faster way to do 252 SpA / 252 Speed than Vitamins + 12 Basculin w/ Anklet + 1 Litwick w/ Anklet + 15 Litwick w/ Lens?? Of course, legends are faster than babies because you don't have to get them leveled up high enough to defend themselves. I guess I'll have to time myself with Latias or Latios and see how it goes. I guess you don't include the infecting w/ PKRS or going to the store to buy Vitamins in the 20 mins?
    Yeah, it's probably better in the end to have a professional take care of it. Probably helps for re-sale also.

    Well, I was thinking I'd like to have a UT copy of them, and since they are easy to train it wouldn't be a big deal. I'm not sure how you would do it in 15 mins, though o__O
    Oh, okay. I was just thinking you couldn't possibly be doing that all by yourself and also working xD

    You know what, if you're going to do that...could you just send me UT versions of each Lati with Dragon Pulse instead of Sleep Talk? I don't mind doing the EV training for those two myself :D
    Oh, I'm better now. I was ill the last few days. :p I don't really have much new, just a few captures but if you want to take them and train them that's fine by me, but they're nothing major.
    Ohh, well that sounds like you've already put in a lot of work. I'm sure you will be glad to get finished with it. Have you been getting some help?

    Gotcha, I will definitely save a copy with the tutored moveset before I grind to get Dragon Pulse and replace everything ;D...now I'm debating to myself whether to use Latios or Latias, since Latias' bulk may come in handy, especially if I use the Absorb Bulb strategy.

    Yeah, as of right now I have 0/4 of my planned Subway doubles team...but hopefully by the end of the day I'll have them all xD
    Alright cool, I was just hoping to get these before I go away for the weekend :D...have you finished tearing the basement out? Or are you already working on putting the new stuff down?

    Ohh, so Latios and Latias will need Dragon Pulse, then? I didn't realize you found that many tutor moves to give them, but that's cool :D

    Great. I could use my Scizor as well, so I think we're up to 5 things. I'll need SpA/Speed Latios and Latias for the Battle Subway. By the way...I posted a set in the Creative Moveset thread, maybe you could let me know what you think of it.
    I don't know. I can be online later tonight, if you'll be back from work? Other than that it'll need to be either tomorrow or saturday, because after that I'm going to be gone for ~2 weeks as I'm going on holiday.
    Yeah, I've been ill + busy. I haven't thought of a spread for them, so you can just keep them until or do, or whatever you want to do. :)
    LOL. Tell me what your current request list is. I'll get to working on getting them on my game after you send me my stuff later :p
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