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  • I added a new award for Houndour and Houndoom to make up my mistake of forgetting them, so take a look and see what that award is. To be honest, Mandibuzz is another Pokemon I forgotten to add until someone mentioned it.

    Again, sorry about that. Don't want to see you being disappointed...
    Completed another Dark-type article. Unexplored Dark-type Beings and Things

    Thanks for reading.
    New Dark-type article! Gen 5 (Part 2) this time, so that's the end of the Pokemon part.

    Thanks for reading.
    Here's another Dark-type article, which deals with Unexplored Type Combinations.

    Thanks for reading.
    How would this change to the type chart affect that? They'd still be a primarily defensive type that requires lots of skill and strategy to use. Only now they're actually effective against a whopping two types instead of one. Oh yeah, I can see it now, Poison is the new Dragon. Step aside Dragonite, Grimer is in the hizzouse.
    Beautiful sarcasm!
    If it would interest you, here's the latest blog about Grass-types. However, I have to warn you: the full article is at PE2K. The one in blog form is not the whole thing.
    Also, do send me an invite to your blog. I will post our battles if possible in your blog once the tourney is over.

    Also, Do check out my proposal for battle days in that group. We can all gather and battle and have loads of fun.
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