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  • I knew I said I would have your grade up by now, but I actually just started it today, so it's going to be a few more days. Sorry for the wait.
    I'd love to help! I'm currently away, and won't be home (and therefore having access to good internet) till Tuesday. I'd love to hear more about it, and sorry for the late reply.
    A lack of periods and commas does not automatically make a comment illegible. It's his choice to use them, or not. Neither myself nor any other mods have trouble reading his posts, and he hasn't yet been reported by anyone other than yourself for illegible comments.

    In addition, it is not necessary to report over 10 different posts (including the same ones multiple times) for being illegible. Even if they were. It causes the server to lag, clutters the report forum, and frankly, we're not idiots. If there was an issue at hand, we'd handle it after a single report.
    As Ivysaur says, the posts you've been reporting are entirely legible. Bad grammar alone isn't infraction-worthy.

    BMGf has members from all over the world, and representing many different ages. We simply can't enforce a particular standard of grammar; to do so would be unfair. As long as a post is coherent (which all those you reported were), there's nothing to be infracted.
    I said illegible. You've reported over 10 comments in the last half hours, all of which have ben legible. Stop abusing the reporting system.

    This is your final warning.
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