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  • Yep that's where I borrowed Earthsea. xD Believe it or not, it's just a regular, run-of the mill, local library...only with DVDs and manga. xD
    Haha, that's awesome. xD You live in the Philippines correct? Since you're so close to S. Korea, it doesn't surprise me. x3
    Lol, that sounds like a plan. xD

    Yep. Another thing I like about my local library is that you can also rent DVDs and manga! :D
    Huh. Interesting. xD

    And kinda fitting with that avatar. :p Assuming that person is in a plane at least.
    You're welcome~ But as it stands right now, I'm struggling to breed even one. XD
    Oh. Well, okay. xD

    Well, I have everything I need to start breeding Eevee. If I get a spare, I'll let you know. ^^
    I wish I could visit the Museum (among several other places in Japan). ^^

    I just borrow from my local library. :D
    Hm. Doesn't ring a bell x_x How long ago was that?

    Everything? Hmm ... not sure I could pull that off. x_x; Probably the best I could get would be max in everything but Attack. But ... Sylveon's Attack stat is terrible anyway.
    .... really? What did you send?

    Huh. I'm actually working on an IV breeding project for an Eevee to turn into Sylveon as well ... what IVs do you want?
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