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  • Yeppers.

    Poor Fletcher., not getting enough to satisfy his Speed...y fix. :( (Evan! -> Fletcher.. Will the next one have a ? at the end? Or is there no theme and I'm just spouting nonsense?) Also, coffee is nasty, just sayin'. :B

    ZOMG It's just like in Black Adventures!! Only Burgh and Elesa aren't crossdressing. *hinthintnudgenudge* I would have pegged Burgh as the better cook, lol.

    D'aw one big TBS Sim family. :)

    For a second I thought that was Trunks instead of Paul. *currently on DBZ kick*

    Do Sims die when they reach a certain age? I dun wanna think about Cilan and all my other favorites dying on your game. :(
    Or read it. Whichever. I consider it worth the time.

    How many times did he appear? I only remember a couple, but then again, I only saw up to season 3 regularly.

    Welcome! Like you even need to ask. xD
    Didn't think they would have a flame as a hair style on there. You did the best with what was provided.

    Brilliant old chap, brilliant! :3
    Excuse me, is that Will (elite four) in your avatar? Anyway, can I have that picture in full-resolution, if you got it? :3
    Has doubled in awesome because of my doodle, end of discussion! >:U Watch it, watch it so that you get my little reference!

    That was one of the best episodes of the series, imo. So dark, so juicy~

    Based on these pics your other ones must have turned out awesome as well. Make a Koga one to go with the Surge one. You got Hilda's outfit perfectly, and the Host Brothers as good as the game would allow.
    I love the name Andre~ What made you choose it for their baby?
    But it was a :) face. Don't make it like the one from Watchmen. :(

    (One of the first things I watched after getting my own computer back was the TT episode "Haunted." So it would be hypocritical of me to judge. xD)

    Yes please!
    /doodles smiley face on tie.

    (Eep. :x Did you sleep or watch TV or listen to music or...something to get through that time?)
    *nods* True true, you have that mature aura about you.

    (No need for an apology, you were off having fun~ :D Or at least I'm assuming you were having fun in your time away.)
    Congrats on surviving to 15 years of age! :D

    Which is sort of crazy to me, you always seemed older than that. xD
    sorry for your trouble...
    a certain person thought Alternate Forms were meaningless claims...

    (Fuck yeah! I'll take one of everything then.) Very lame. He got screwed over pretty badly. Tabitha? (I still think the name 4Kids gave him in his first appearance was more fitting.)

    I can believe. This is the Pokémon fandom after all. xD

    (Can I get a discount?) Depends on which universe we're talking about. Anime!Steven wasn't very badass, PokéSpe!Steven I can't comment on, and Game!Steven...did he help you battle the evil teams in Emerald? Eh, I guess Game!Steven is badass.

    Giovanni Has as much creditability as any other theory. xD I'll be waiting to see the big family reunion in Best Wishes then.
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