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  • Dallas Talk is saying the exact same thing, great guy but the Rangers overpaid for him. There is also the problem of Michael Young here who is the heart of the clubhouse, keeps everyone in line etc etc. He hates being moved and this will be the third time he has been moved, this time taking up DH.
    For now it's only on paper, but I freaked out a little when the news was official that Cliff Lee is coming back. It's gonna be an exciting year.
    Hmm, I've never seen that picture of Blue/Green and his Charizard before (well, to be honest, I didn't get into the first generation until Yellow, and I certainly had no guidebook then, and don't now), care to link to the full picture(s)?
    It's quite alright. B) You find pretty damn funny things all over the web. It was still incredibly well used and very accurate.
    Just a quick note - I edited your bottled water thread to broaden the topic a bit. You did nothing wrong, I just thought the thread would make for better discussion by broadening it a little :-D
    A little late, sorry, but man, nice introduction.

    You really got me there. Welcome to BMG!
    Diehard baseball fan. I live on the south shore, so I come from a big baseball enviroment.

    Though I'm actually watching the Celtics tonight.
    One of the admins here is a phillies fan, I give him crap all the time about how the Sox are better than the Phillies
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