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  • I'm.. guilty of notoriously chaining backstabs, so... poor new players who have the unfortunate pleasure of being invaded by yours truly. Speaking of Dark Souls I, i've only returned to play due to assisting someone for their playthrough. Pleasing to notice the activity is still ongoing, summon signs for helping, at least. PVP wise.. I had my limelight years past, returned for a somewhat brief period during DSII p until the time of Bloodborne but.. I can't return to it outside of nostalgia. I've received all I possibly wanted from the game.

    I'm favoring the aesthetic design, by far, It screams Miyazaki.
    That's not surprising since he had been your companion for so long.

    I'm betting he had a good life with you and your family, so there's always those memories to reflect back on during those long nights.
    Bloodborne's appeal...seems short? It's lifespan, I don't view it in the same level as Demon's Souls // Dark Souls...after the PVE, most have been migrating to other games..
    Doing all right.

    's tough, man. But that's so cool that you kept one of his kids (or possibly more?). How did he take his dad's passing?
    I logged onto Dark Souls II yesterday for a cup of tea.. someone needed my assistance with the Sunken King DLC. I don't seem to recall performing this badly. two months of rust for my liking, and I lack any form of desire to remove said rust.

    I've completed a no death // bonfire run simultaneously, since I needed both illusory rings for the sake of completion. Exciting times in PVE, but I'd never play online with no death playthroughs.

    i don't expect anything significant akin to the downloadable content. I may be fooled, though.
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