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  • Just FYI I don't really post here anymore. If you want to contact me, do it over YT, FA, or someplace like that.
    *fist bumps* Looking now, you're a REALLY good troll. Might wanna make your trolling a LITTLE more discreet however, the TF2 and JSR/JGR reviews make it kinda obvious. :p
    Same here. I just like posting in F&G and the chat threads.

    Anyway, it's good to see you back!
    How cool is that? You'll have to keep me posted, that sounds exciting! I used to be quite the intense glitch researcher myself many years ago, still fascinates me to no end. :D
    Hello there! ^^ Just thought I'd let you know I really enjoy your glitch research/videos. Very well done!
    "Care not the fancy graphics you see in all your Xbox 360 games and care more for what would be better gameplay instead" is how I always put it. Not only that, this is my first attempt at spriting at all and done so in a 80x80 pixel limit as that was the lowest I'd get without being unable to figure things out. And simplistic design is all I can offer for them as they are meant to be simple, but the sprites are even simpler compared to their actual designs. Everything had to be chibified or super deformed just to fit everything in an 80x80 pixel square.
    How do these look? It's for a game project I've recently started to work on to start up my future career:
    I am still as annoyed about it as I was when the summary first came out.

    If he does not hotte-whatever in the episode and fight anyway, I dunno. Obviously I can't really do anything but Digimon will be taking a severe loss of respect from me.
    The species I made: Fake Eeveelution: Roboteon by *Masterge77 on deviantART
    The character itself: Zane the Roboteon by *Masterge77 on deviantART
    The icon was made my a friend as part of a commission, I told her to try to imitate my style while making the icon
    If you were to pit Apocalymon, MaloMyotismon, D-Reaper, Lucemon Shadowlord Mode, Yggdrasil, and Bagramon all against eachother, who do you think would win?
    Hey there, this is a heads-up, I noticed that the article you posted in the News of the World board had a lot of white space around the words "advertisement" written in spots. I edited those out, but left everything else in!
    There's also this for a bigger comparison. Poor JumboGamemon must feel out of place with everything else around him being humanoid in the modern day seasons. Some of these may not be the correct final stages, such as Lotosmon and GuardiAngemon, but it gives me an idea as to how the Mega stages of Lillymon and Shakkoumon SHOULD be without being the same as another line's Mega stage:
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