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  • Well its not all roses here, considering leaving if nothing gets moving by the end of the year.

    Also you at least got refunded 520 coins in the Casino, unfortunately for you your lucky ticket didn't pan out.
    Lol you'll have something to talk about with sweetbbydoll, she loves Cardcaptor. I just keep up with One Piece now since anything else has fallen apart quality wise.

    BTW FB is celebrating it's birthday, you've missed a chance to play in the Casino but maybe you still pick up some gifts.

    He isn't...I think, his focusing on school, Stark said he might take over but haven't heard anything about it at all since the first time I asked.
    That sucks, but it seems you do what I do when I'm bored, Nuzlocke comics and tumblr lol not to mention manga.

    I was in the same boat as you, I just sold some stuff I didnt use anymore to buy it tbh, and sweetbbydoll paid half :/

    Hopefully you'll get some good news soon, I remember when I got hired for a job I was happy as a clam until I found out how stressful it was and so not worth it. Eating up all my school work time, just finished a 8 week course with an A, never again...
    I understand, well to be honest it hasn't been going great for me, I got hit in a car accident and the other party won't take responsibility. I have to go to a chiropractor for my back, neck, and shoulder pains. Get X-rays and not to mention talk with a Lawyer. I can still drive my car just that the passenger side and the door behind it are so dented in they won't open. I'm going to school too, and even though its a bit of a breeze its starting to pile up but sweetbbydoll is helping me through it.

    How are you? I've also been playing Pokemon X as a way to escape my troubles, its actually the first Pokemon since Gold and Silver that I actually enjoy lol
    Hey I noticed you like RPing.

    Do you want to take part in my RP? It's called the Eleanor Lawson Institute of Excellence.

    The sign ups are currently open
    Okay, so your posts were perfectly readable on one of the darker forum skins (like Classic or Origins) . . . but on the lighter-themed G6 skin, white text color is 99% invisible.

    . . . one of the reasons I hate the [color] tag.
    It was meant more of her speaking about her thoughts regarding the student council.
    I am posting in the shops, Jirachi's Casino, and the Beauty Salon (Can't put Shinkaron in the Day-Care while he's in a different shop!).

    And I like the fan art.
    To be honest, Helioptile (Erikiteru) is still pretty close to the bottom of my list of Gen VI Pokémon, only above Sylveon.

    Though at least it's not #51 of my favs of the 10 new Pokémon anymore.
    Yeah, I didn't like Fletchling (Yayakoma) before because I had only seen the scan, which wasn't very good quality, doing no justice to Fletchling.

    Also, thanks for the FFA update.
    I love your new profile picture!
    Pokémon fanart always helps me like Pokémon that I didn't like at first...
    Do you have one of Erikiteru?
    I don't really like Snivy that much, so I'm trading it to BTM as soon as I get a regular Poké Ball.
    Got it.

    I think I'm going to wait at least until my egg has hatched before starting with FFA.
    Most likely a whale Island zone.

    I'm definitely going to have to try both sides of the free-for-all zone in UPN sometime.
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