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  • what are you talking about? i haven't been on in act least a year. I forgot my password and stuff but i was going to the wrong place.
    So, yeah. You decide to destroy a forum, make me report the wrong person, and basically be a moron. Nice Person.
    Hey, in your request, did you mean only Umbreon is supposed to be shiny, or are all of them supposed to be shiny?
    I don't wanna know what that means. They were 16 last time 'cause that was the rule. This time I just let you get away with 14 cause I couldn't be bothered.

    I mean, I need a long paragraph describing the day they were born.
    I need a paragraph describing...how they were born.

    Ew. That sounds really gross when I put it like that xD
    No, it's for the timeline, and every admin is doing it.
    BTW I don't know if you can do this since you weren't in the original Team Pride RP, but I need a paragraph on The Clones' birth for the fic timeline. Can you do it or do you want me to make it up?
    So you were in the mansion or the garden? BTW why aren't you msn this way of communication is so slow :/
    Loooooool nonono ask YJ since A.D isn't in a talking mood. ORRRR you could get your water Pokemon to create a...pond? xD
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