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  • HOLO!

    (I'm assuming you've watched Season Two of Spice & Wolf) Where did you watch Episode 6?
    I only heard about it like third-hand, but it was apparently done during the filming of the latest TGWTG anniversary video. The one who does vampire reviews (Elisa?) was hung on the cross for several hours. It was really hot out there and they didn't give her any fluids, so she ended up becoming dehydrated to the point of delirium. The scene ended up being removed entirely, and now staff apparently just completely ignore any posts about it and/or act as though nothing happened.

    I'll see if I can get a link to the original leak, though.
    I know that feeling. Sometimes when I've had no or very little sleep - or occasionally when just waking up - I'm just like durrrrr.
    You are quite welcome. :)

    Was thinking of changing my own too. Maybe I'll go with an ENG GIF myself, if my original idea doesn't compress down low enough.
    All right, let's see if this compressor's all it's cracked up to be. Something like this?

    Did a couple others as well (including a looped llama scream), though I think BOOM BABY might be a little too large.

    If you like the Devil Survivor games, you might wanna try these out when they come out.
    And...Shin Megami Tensei IV...which pretty much has no info released right now.
    But Satan has nothing to do with the story......at all........he's just a summonable demon.....in 2 anyway.
    Well...it IS practically falling off.
    *Is waiting for you to get to day 3* Naoya......best character ever.
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