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    I loved it. It might only be a prologue, but it got me so hyped to read more! You just have to inform me once you release new chapters!
    Haha, well... The second time we battled, he completely eliminated me, and I wasn't able to take out a single one of his Pokémon, so you're not alone. ^^;
    You do that, it would've been great if you had participated too~
    Pawniard was pretty much a random pick for me, haha. I thought it'd go well with Life Orb and its awesome movepool, and it turned out to take the lead in my team when it came to offense. Glaceon and Froslass did indeed work out well with Snover's Snow Warning, especially when they had Blizzard. However, Froslass had Cursed Body instead of Snow Cloak. xP
    Yeah, he told me you two were battling some. You should definitely consider entering, it becomes much more fun with a lot of friends.~
    Best christmas gift, definitely! Oh right, I used Pawniard, Dewott, Pignite, Phanpy, Snover, Froslass, Glaceon and Croagunk. :)
    I definitely utilized Croagunk in the wrong way, because he was kinda pathetic... Everyone else were great though. ^^
    Thanks!~ ^^

    It still feels so surreal. In the practice battles against Gotpika I was being completely eliminated, so I really doubted I'd even make it through the first round. Making it all the way to the final and even winning was never on the map. XD
    Yeah, I couldn't come up with something as my user. I take too long deciding things... XD

    So do I! Its a really funny shipping! :O

    Not really, I was just joking about that and forgot to type "Jk" after everything I posted that day. XD Haha, thanks! Oh yeah, you're... Um.. Who are you again? o_O I'll send you FR on Serebii too I guess. :D

    Yeah I know, late response. D: I forgot my user name! Jk. XD
    Heyyy!:) you should watch this! x3 I think it's way adorable. :3

    Sommelier Shipping - We run the night (Havana ft. Pitbull) - YouTube
    Hi! How are you? :)

    *looks at profile pic* Do you support Wishfulshipping? :D

    I hardy ever send friendship invitations (I know its called FR :p) but desperately need a friend here, its sooo boring. ;~; I don't think I'll log in frequently, I'll just use that other awesome, cool and home thing feeling forum. >.>

    Anyway it was nice meeting you! ^^;
    There are so many times that I've wanted to slap Dawn in the face during the DP Saga, and here Dento comes and does it for me! It's like the writers heard our prayers. ;__;
    And OMG, yes! Dento was so amazing in that episode! I loved how he was being such goofball! :L
    I spam Wishfulshipping AMVs every weekend... I can never get over them. I love them both so much, srs. They are MAKING Best Wishes for me. Even though I love the series as a whole either way, those two are still the key elements to why I love it so fucking much. D< I might prefer Iris slightly more than Dento, but he's still asdsfsafafs. OH, that blog! Gotpika showed it to me, I'm checking in each day. ^^; Who created it? :eek:

    Gurl, we know it is the truth. If you only knew what the two of them did at night. ;= And yeah, that totes need to happen... I'LL VOTE FOR KOTETSU. :3
    I know, right? I mean, the dude gets upset for a leaf in the stew, but not for his hair going CAZOOM? Something's up with that.
    The rivalry between Iris and Georgia is hilarious, both of them are so wonderful. ;> Iris knows her hair is so 2013, but Georgia just refuses to realize it as she's still trapped in the 90's with that haircut.
    I really love both the Dento and Iris have rivalries, although I really didn't like the Sommeliershipping hints (at least on Burgundy's side) we got in the Junior Cup. D:< I love Burgundy, but Dento belongs to Iris, and someone really needs to get that through her head.

    You think so? Thanks! ^_^ Personally I'm overjoyed that no one as of yet has said something like ''OMG YOU SPELL LIKE MANKEY I DON'T UNDERSTAND A THING'', but I guess everyone just wants to be friendly. ^^; Arabic is my second language. See, my dad's from Sweden while my dom's from Egypt, so natually as I grew up I always had my dad speaking Swedish with me while my mom spoke Arabic with me. But, I'm still not that good at Arabic, unfortunately. xP

    Yeah, it is.. ^^;
    I have a couple of OU teams, but none of them is particulary good, unfortunately. I got into competetive playing just last year, but I still suck so bad. ^^; I built up a new team during the summer though, and I'mma try it out in the upcoming tournament. Hopefully, I'll at least get one win. But that's highly unlikely as everyone DCs all the time. >_>''

    Ugh, you so don't want to hear the voice of the Swedish Dento... OMG. But yeah, Mamoru Miyano is so baws. ;Y
    I remember when I on the 1st of August 2010 saw the first trailer of BW, Dento's voice got me craaaaazeeh!
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