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  • ive noticed so have I though I have actually created a dual team that has meets and stuff lol also over Skype call duals it works pretty good lol
    Oh, job is cool! Well, doesn't matter, it all goes well in your life, this is what counts! xD
    Hello, jokool! How is life? sorry for disappearing entirely from the Pit Stop, not much time...
    Are you gonna stick around? At least this is what it looked like at the DN Club...

    Oh, just because I am not sure if you got who I am, BlueWartortle/ZexMachine/Zexy
    Tanks a bunch!

    School has really been biting me in the butt recently. I need to work on my focus and prioritizing skills. Maybe someday I'll pop in again, but first things first.
    I been rather good lol got accepted into college and also have a 1961 ford falcon (still needs a few touch ups) and relationship troubles the usual xD but I also finally have my red eyes deck (irl) done all the red eyes are in it all the traps and spells I wanted im also working on making my own online MMO game if ya want to beta test it xD dang a lot has happened since last we spoke lmao
    Ι see. I always liked summer more.

    Indeed! Be optimistic, jokool!

    Yeah :))
    Same here :(( Well, there is always Easter! And summer! Let's be optimistic!

    *Karis and Enzap are having a Duel on DN right now. Wanna watch?*
    Here, it's my last night of holidays. School's going to begin soon :((
    Since I won't be online tomorrow, I'll say it now - Merry Christmas! Or, if you don't celebrate it, then happy holidays.
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