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  • Not married. Not yet. We're waiting until we're actually stable with jobs and a place before we decide. But she's moved in and things a good.

    I check in every so often just to see if my one story will ever be graded. It's been two years, so probably not.

    Have you picked up X/Y yet? I'm currently playing both, only have gotten to the second gym with different teams.
    Hey thanks! I haven't been on the forums in a long time. Getting Nostalgic so I decided to look back at my old stories. How've you been?
    No worries, I've never closed a run down because of inactivity lol.

    Well, it's good to see you around man, I've never forgotten all the early rangering and witness-swapping we used to do.
    Sure, take your time if you decide to do so - your old run is still open if you feel like continuing that. Unfortunately, I'm not on as much right now - the next two months are reserved strictly for hardcore uni work.
    Actually, towards the end of the holidays, I'm going over to the USA to meet with a lovely girl that I've been talking to for a couple years now ^^ This is in addition to the new Pokemon game, Halo 4, and whatever other online entertainments I can wrangle up xD
    Lol thanks, Well last year i met her, and it was like instant destiny bond, you know? and I graduated with a BS in Digital Media last month.

    Hows the URPG been?
    Its going great. Just graduated from college. Trying to get back into grading/rangering/just everything. I even got my fiancee into it, though shes still trying to comphrend everything lol. How are you?
    Hey man, not a problem, take your time. I'm a little lax at the moment anyway. And I was a bit curious about your choice of Umbreon, but it's working so far, and the Natu won't be around for much longer I don't think.
    I know I have Darkplace on DVD. I also recently got Man to Man with Dean Learner on DVD from Amazon.

    Moss is definitely a close second to Douglas!
    Yeah, I'm a total Matt Berry fan :)
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