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  • Oh wow that's just stupid. People should be allowed to talk about characters they like and sagas they like >.> I don't make too many threads so I don't worry about things like that. I was proud of my one thread I made, but that lasted for about two days and people forgot about it TT_TT it was an ALL positive thread too :<
    You're welcome! I was so happy that the site made Best wishes and Black and White into different categories..so now when I feel ready to watch the dub I will.
    ^_^ Same! I like to read/hear (lol) about people's favorite character too. I mean, Dawn may not have been my personal favorite character and all, but I respect your and other people's opinions. I like to read what people like about their favorite characters!~ Yeah, I liked May, Misty, Ash, Dawn, Brock etc. etc. but they weren't anyone who I really related to or just really enjoyed as a character (like I enjoyed their presence and stuff @_@ but yeah, I think you get wut I mean)
    Ok! This is it: http://www.anime44.com/category/pokemon-best-wishes
    Seriously?! Why were you banned?! :o I've gotten a few warnings here and there, but you don't seem to be the type for getting banned at all! >.> sometimes the mods are too strict...
    Oh yeah...^^; sorry for blabbing on Dento; and having a random fanfiction in there (this is like the first time I've actually had a favorite, favorite character in the anime)
    I was going to say, I don't like it soley on Ash either =/ I really don't pay attention to him anymore. For me it's like he's just there to do Gym Battles and catch Pokemon...(*gasp* am I turning into a Unovian and against ppl from the boonies like Ash?! XD Ya know...as much as I pick on Trip...I actually don't mind the guy...(you haven't seen me tease Trip. That's probably a good thing. It's not even considered bashing I dunno wut it is XDDD I think it'd be spamming XDD)
    (sorry if I talk too much :eek: rather ironic considering how shy I am at school and stuff...)
    X3 Dento gets his very own rival, so he is pretty promising (lol I liked him since BEFORE his debut XD but he does get purdy cocky in battle though...it's like a change in personality). XDD I think people go overboard with his "fabulousness" though, but its all in good nature at least. I can give you a great site for watching them subbed (if you want it, that is) I'm just really worried that Cilan will not be able to go Mmhm~ when talking..
    Iris is a great spirit finder though :D I loved how she and Dento argued, AND keep arguing about that. It reminds me of me, I'm pretty much a skeptic (like Dent) but at times I'd like to believe the existence of wild souls. I dunno why...but I just keep thinking Iris will like hold a seyance someday. When that happens LOL.
    Yeah....but he seems different on here...his threads bash DP on Serebii and on here it's like he tries to bash BW a bit (and I know on Serebii Teshub keeps bashing BW -_-)
    MEEEEH I wouldn't wait for the dub...Mamoru Miyano is an awesome voice actor 8D It feels weird trying to stay away from the dub and only watching it subbed (especially now that the subbers are taking their sweet time >.<)
    :) You probably miss Dawn, which is understandable. You can try and ignore her I don't it would be too hard. Especially in some episodes like BW019..Iris barely said anything which felt so weird...
    Lol I started with the GSC versions (I read them online...)
    I'm not sure...I have a hunch that Cyber may be Gliscor'd but I'm not sure...I don't see much DP bashing on here though.

    Oh yeah! And I just thought of something regarding Iris, after BW09 I think she may have a reason for calling people "kids" or not. That old lady said that in order to become an adult she'd have to become one with Axew and have it evolve.
    Hmm...Iris's "Kodomo ne~" never bothered me...and she's a pretty nice character once you get past that, I think... (I dunno why I wrote that in JP) but than again, truthfully I ignore that, and it's been toned down a lot in the later episodes (and besides...I could care less how she treats Ash XD I'm a Wishfulshipper XP). I really like Dento's character though, he's just such a sweet/gentlemanly person (>.< and a very scary battler). I kind of hope Dawn/Brock do too, I'd like to see how they'd get along with the new characters.
    I felt very excited for BW. Mostly it was to see how these new characters would interact. For me the games are bitter-sweet. Now I'm not against the anime. I'm against the dub (geez, I'm just full of Isshus aren't I?) I think I'm just scared for Dento's va....
    For PokeSpe I'm on around volume 35 or something...I fell behind, I'm looking forward to reading HG/SS though.
    (I hate character limits....)
    XD Oh don't worry about the double post XD
    Yeah, I noticed that. I liked AG a lot though...but I think BW is my favorite. DP was great and stuff (and I know you love DP! :D) it's just for me I was reeaally obsessing over Pokemon Special/Adventures at the time so the anime for me got shafted to somewhere in the voids of my brain (I was planning on re-watching some of it once my BW hype is over) XD
    Lol I'd rather have the series be AG bias than OS bias...the OS is good and all but even though it's the "first" doesn't mean it's the best lol
    ^_^ You're welcome!~ (I like it so much better here than on Serebii, even though I write all the time there. Here it seems like people respect your opinions better...normally on there I'd leave in a sour mood almost everyday -_- that's not fun...)
    *waves* From serebii I guess? I'm bubblewrap over there. Nice to see you're potentially posting about here too? :)
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