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    I've never seen you before, so hello! I like "LeagueCat99" myself.
    (Since it would be kinda spammy to continue this conversation in the forums...)
    Hello! I'm not tremendously new here. Sometimes I'll come around the forums and post.

    Haha, LeagueKat99. Didn't think of that one. :)
    haha you mensioned me in your signature XD
    Some other abilities for the Sugar Pokémon could be:

    -Chlorophyll(because of the speed boosting effect)
    -Gluttony(because sugar has to do with food and eating)
    -Insomnia(because sugar is known for its sleep disturbing effects)

    Concerning Electric-typed attacks, I'd stick to speedy attacks like Electro Ball, Volt Switch and Shock Wave. The rest of the movepool could consist of hard hitting Grass-type attacks, Stun Spore and some acid based attacks like Acid, Acid Spray, Gastro Acid. What do you think of this movepool?

    Start - Pound
    Start - Acid
    Start - Charge
    Lv. 6 - Thundershock
    Lv. 10 - Vine Whip(or Absorb)
    Lv. 14 - Stun Spore
    Lv. 18 - Shock Wave
    Lv. 22 - Gastro Acid
    Lv. 26 - Razor Leaf(or Mega Drain)
    Lv. 30 - Electro Ball
    Lv. 34 - Acid Spray
    Lv. 38 - Leaf Blade(or Giga Drain)
    Lv. 44 - Agility
    Lv. 48 - Volt Swich
    Lv. 52 - Acid Armor

    I made up a new idea yesterday evening. A Stonehenge inspired Pokémon. It will be a Rock/Ghost-type, and its movepool will be defensive, but it will also have a high Sp. Attack stat because of its Ghost-typing.
    if ya wanna...i mean i might not open it but it could be a fun send XD
    You are 'KirbyKirbyKirby'?


    I dunno...it seemed like it by the last visiters on his page o-o;
    Wow. You have some incredible ideas! I can help you with some Pokémon, if you like? The sugar Pokémon could be a Poison-type. Sugar is poison for your body and teeth, after all.
    I can't wait to see them! I love Fakemon and Pokémon fan fiction. =3 Do you have a deviantArt account, by the way?
    ....no need to go that far.

    I biked to the left of Nimbasa feeling giddy after winning the Bolt Badge, and look who's there...

    ...you guessed it. CHEREN.

    .............................I am desperately in need of help. His fire piggy is killing my entire team with just his flame charge, and I am so DAMN angry and annoyed about that. N didn't even make me frustrated but Cheren is just so freakin' hard...

    lost to cheren two times and I just turned the DS off. *sob sob* Where can I get Toxic?
    I've been busy with school work, so I haven't touched it lately, but I managed to get through Elesa BEING UNDERLEVELD XDD

    I went back and caught a Roggenrola with Sturdy and stocked up soda pops... Also, I equipped my Cottonee with Quick Claw and luck was on my side XDD, so I poisoned one of the Emolgas to death, and the other Emolga with Rock Blast LOLZ

    As for the zebra, I used Servine to Leech Seed that guy, and since Flame Charge did not KO my servine, I just went and spammed the soda pops until the zebra fainted from being leeched XDDDDDDD

    it took a long time, but in the end I was LOLZing around the room XDD

    ...though I'm pretty sure I'm going to have trouble in the next area. :)
    I'm trying to create a Pokémon region, and I have loads of ideas, but it's extremely hard to make decent sprites and Sugimori style art. My fanmade region is called Mysophos, by the way. =3
    You seem cool! wna b friends?^^

    btw, my mom works on the only comp that bgarden seems to work on, soo dont get too mad if sometimes i don't always put a lot of effort in my posts^^; but i'll say i'll try! i still have too much freetime anyways xD;

    Oh. You said you do battles discussions.
    I was wondering... What could Dusknoir do in 5th gen that is notable?

    Uhm, I see you like to discuss battle strategies. Could you advice me, please?

    I want to add a Froslass to my team, but I'm not sure about which EV spread I should use. I want to use her on a Hail team and I think I'll use the following moveset:

    Thunder Wave
    Shadow Ball or Ice Beam

    Do you know which EV spread is the best option?

    Thank you in advance.
    Remember when you said that Clefable (most like for the ability Magic Guard) and Skill Swap would be "nigh broken"? Guess who got this combination? Now with that, what do you think?

    Thanks for reading.
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