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  • Eh xD the RP section is really really slow, not much really happens there and while I do have a lot of RPs they don't exactly move too quickly xD so I can work and such there have been days where I don't post even.
    Hmmmm ..... that could be it. I mean, I've been watching Tenkai Knights a lot lately (guilty pleasure, but still not bad). I guess I just have less interest in some of these things than I thought. qwq
    I mean it's been years but I've never forgotten :p I'm surprised you didn't forget about me xD and well it's just those days were pretty fun and my life wasn't completely surrounded in stuidies or work xD
    Well sort of xD I mean informatics engineer gets kind of troublesome with programming and such.

    It's been years but I still miss you actually xD we had a lot of fun.
    I'd like to, but ... once again, I find myself having trouble in the motivation department. :C

    It comes and goes, really. For example, I finished Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal, about 70 episodes, in like two weeks. And then I didn't watch any series for several months afterward. :C
    Well ... there's an LP I started following that is ongoing, but I still find myself a few parts behind. D:
    Oh, I know what that is like xD so we're both studying engineering :O it's a real pain at times to be honest xD so much work at all times even when I just want to sleep.
    I've been pretty good ;p just dealing with a lot of trouble in college and such xD how about you? it's been a real long time.

    I know : o I originally started watching cause a friend recommended it to me but I ended up liking it a lot xD
    Oooh. I honestly wish I spent more time watching anime, or series in general; at least half of my Watch Later list on YT is currently comprised of videos that are parts of a series. xD
    Ohhh. What are some things you could be doing at home? Er, if you don't mind me asking ^^;
    Yeah, it sure did. xD

    Wait, "so you can be productive again"? Are you in college, or ...?
    Rather well. Nothing's really changed around here, but I can't really complain. You?
    Yay you're back : D It's ben so long D:

    It's actually funny you put up the opening I wanted to put up for the rate the anime opening thread xD Tokyo Ghoul is great.
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