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  • by the way, since my fics don't get a lot of reviews, you think you could post what you thought.
    he didn't really did anything, some people just log in to check their messages.
    well that's good, it took me two weeks to think of what to write for that chapter.
    don't worry she just lost interest, that happens plus it wasn't working out anyway.
    by the way my fighting till the end fic has a new chapter, you can read it if you like, also this one's long.
    still dj is not on, and today's saturday so pikachu200 probably won't be on, and it's movie night at my house today so I'll probably leave early, plus I'm just going through breaking up with my girlfriend so i'm feeling a little down.
    yep but we can't make eveyone get at a time they can't plus pikachu200 and I are in another rp, so we got two to take care of.
    from six, sometimes seven, to eight, sometimes nine or ten, although after three days or so she skips a day to rest.
    well darkrai doesn't appear again tillchapter 7 or something I don't know I'm still planning, but he will be the bad guy of the fic, although the fic will be a little more academy base in chapter one.
    If you like darkrai, I recommend yo my newest fic, pokemon figthing till the end it has darkrai on the prologue.
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