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  • Do you mean Pachibakkfoon's profile pic she made for me? I love it, there's no way it's ever going to change.
    Ah okay you weren't talking specifically about you, sorry about misunderstanding your message. ^^;

    Still, that's terrible. Kids will make fun of others for having "kiddy" interests but really how petty is it that they're doing that in the first place? And then some adults never grew out of that mindset or mocking people for who they are or the things they enjoy (assuming those interests don't harm others).
    But hopefully people you're friends with on there (or would be if you had an FB, not sure if you do) don't pull this crap.
    well depending on where you post I kid, it is nice not having that stuff clog up your screen to the level of FB, depending on who you're friends with.

    Bullying related to liking Pokémon or other things? (either way that sucks, I'm sorry to hear that.)
    It helps that BMGf has a single primary focus so that most of the people joining are going to be Pokémon fans. FB is a free-for-all in terms of content, which has its good and bad points. And again, the anonymity, so no one knows your personal problems unless you already new them prior to joining. You still get trolls now and then, but they're dealt with quickly.
    Oh wow, that sounds like you're miserable. The piercing ears thing is for ear rings right?
    Yeah it sucks if you want some anonymity and a community mostly geared towards a single series. Even with the release of Gen VI activity was nowhere near the levels of early Gen V.
    Idk, I have been away most of the time since my last VM to you. You could check your account and see if it's banned.
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