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  • That's not good. :s

    It has slowed down a lot. I think it's a combination of lack of major Pokémon news and a general trend toward social networking sites over forums.
    Well, you can tell the head and they can ban it for you. You can't have an alt account (unless it's for the sock puppet Halloween, but that's only for Halloween), but you won't get in trouble if you let us know about it.
    Cool. I'm really happy that I got a KLK print from Comicon :D ! The guy who sold it to me was really funny, too.
    I believe you're allowed to change your name a few times a year.
    I'm not really a forums administrator though.
    Understandable. They're nothing like the original Eva series, but I think that's very intentional on Anno's part. Here's an article that you might like to read when you have the spare time:

    Once More With Fury: Rebuilding Evangelion | Wrong Every Time
    Miles Davis is pretty much the peak of jazz, John Coltrane and Charles Mingus not too far behind him. Been really digging Albert Ayler's Spirtiual Unity.

    Outside of jazz been listening to 80s pop hits and Robert Johnson.
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