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  • Hey thnx!!!

    Even i have been to Ahemadabad to visit the mosque(Yes, i am a Muslim supporter of Modi)
    Super nice city(though i didnt get to see much of it)

    And one last thing...
    Thnx for showing me that group bro
    Its awesome and i never thought of such a group existing on Bulbagarden
    Its super nice to meet you ^_^

    I have been searching for Indians on this forum for a long time...
    And now i find one from the same state as me :)

    So where do you live??
    I live in Surat

    I herd u liek Modi
    I also think you can get the 3DS used too for somewhat cheaper then a new one. A 2DS isn't to bad, but I would say the only problem is that it doesn't have a hinge.

    Speaking of a new handheld, I wonder what it'll be like. I can't think of anything after 3D besides virtual reality... But wait, virtual reality stuff isn't that handheld. What do you think would be a new handheld's main selling point be?

    Also speaking of virtual reality, I kinda seriously doubt it'll in the near future (Like maybe at least a decade?) or anything, but maybe virtual reality (like in Si-fi movies or whatever) will be common video game system. Playing Pokemon in that will be a real trip!
    Hi! How are you?

    Even if you can't afford it right now, you need to wait a couple of years to get one? You can't afford one sooner then a couple of years? That's quite a long time. I mean, by then the 3DS/2DS might be retired!
    I'm happy for you!

    I'm considering Engineering (Mechanical). I'm not sure if they call it something else in India.
    I'm alright. I haven't made it into a university yet, but I'm working toward that goal. (Technically, I did get accepted into two, but I didn't get into the program I wanted)

    How are you doing?
    Awesome! What did you go into for a job or whatever?

    It's been pretty good here and on Bulbagarden too.:) I've played the Gen 6 games, and in fact, I'm playing them right now! They're pretty awesome games! I recomend that you get one of them.:) I already beat it, so now I'm (finally) starting to IV, Nature, and Egg Move breeding Pokemon, and EV trained them. I haven't created an actual team yet though. Want to hear what I bred so far? Some of them are from a long time ago so I might not remember exactly.
    I haven't been paying much attention to what the game looks like these days, nor did I play much of it, but I could offer some opinions.

    Because weather is now temporary, I like that teams are more diverse than before. It means I don't need to see another Rain team (disliked those, though they are admittedly not bad).

    Mega Evolutions are quite nice because a lot of them offer something new, and some of these have differing abilities that adds some strategy. For one, there is Pinsir who can use any of its pre-Mega abilities to gain an advantage, and another is Mawile who could make a difference in surviving thanks to Indimidate. It makes previous Pokemon viable in a whole new way, though not all are healthy (thank goodness Mega Kanghaskan is banned).

    There is definitely a power escalation here, though most of it are from Mega Evolutions. It's interesting that only few Gen 6 Pokemon fit the definition of power escalation (Aegislash, Greninja and Diggersby). What is interesting to me is that instead of this, there is speed escalation, with faster Pokemon and priority. I do feel a little uneasy about this because the dynamics felt unfamiliar to me. I do appreciate that there are some defensive stars to balance them out, old and new.

    In terms of type distribution, I thought it's disheartening to see that there are very few Ghost and Grass representation, given the former's boosts. Granted, a lot of them are not as well-built for battle, but still, those are my favourite types. A lot of them are Flying and Steel (the former is not a favourite of mine). Psychic is peculiar in that the members are effective in their roles despite the type. I do like that Fairies made an impact.

    So there are things to like and dislike about the current state from my observation. As always, the most interesting part of the metagames are the lower tiers. The real fun comes in seeing who didn't make it and how they can be capitalised.
    The games themselves? Definitely. XD

    The competitive scene? Tentatively yes. It isn't dominated by weather anymore, but it has some new challenges and some new frustrations, including one that already existed in BW(2) but came to a head in XY: SwagPlay. Smogon actually banned Swagger this time around because SwagPlay became such a problem. XD
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