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  • If you're looking for more of these remixes, that channel has started MM5 on Game Boy's soundtrack. ;)
    Megaman 5 - Dark Man Stage(MM7 Remake) - YouTube

    Any thoughts on this remix with this soundfont ? :)
    A fandom orientation sounds like a good idea :p (a special section to mention all the potentially troubling figures in the fandom like me). If you type in "pokemon shipping" your list is the third thing that pops up, so it's fairly accessible, imo.

    Okay, as long as you don't think you're being overworked X'D I'll keep an eye out for them if I can!
    Wow, that was a pretty rude accusation they made considering the sheer amount of characters in the fandom (and the nature of the fandom itself...).

    Don't feel bad to uphold the rules, after all, no one else is taking hold of the task (my offer to help out still stands though, if you give me specific tasks XD). You have a very important role in the fandom!
    Oh no, I'm sorry that happened to you :( Do you think that you could put procedural rules to getting a name changed? (on very special circumstances to, as you put it, "safeguard" the name?) IDK, I feel like a lot of people ask you for stuff like this.
    I'd say game!Lucy. Really, it would ? XD

    The closest robot master I can think of is Heat Man. XD
    I'm pretty sure Lucy from the Frontier Brain's favourite robot master would be Snake Man. Don't you agree ? =p
    Because I was lazy and wanted to add the ship to the ship thread without having to look it up myself i am sorry i will be better next time gomen gomen
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