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  • OMG! You like Yona and Red Haired Snow White, too?! Awesome! Yay, someone I can gush about it with!
    I've watched the first three seasons of the English dub and I enjoyed it. I really like the art style and the opening from NEXT is one of my favorite openings
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    Next has the best opening music. Try is nice too though.
    I'm doing a bulbafriends style pokerun and I was wondering if you'd object to me naming one of the team after you?

    And if no objections, who is your favourite non-legendary?
    been listening to rock & metal since 2001.
    also on some of your post, awesome music selection.
    How you doing!! thanks for the friendship. Accepted right way.
    Love the avatar - thanks for the all the fun times in the 'Fun & Games' portion of Bulbagardens.
    Hello there!

    This is kinda awkward, but I wanted to let you know that the Laundry-Drying Pole was a Katana used by the samurai Kojirou Sasaki. Juuust in case you did not know.
    Figured it might be best to reply to your question here. Indeed it is from Little Shop of Horrors~ It's my favorite film, and a few days ago was Little Shop of Horrors day.
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