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  • ...I never went away, I just turned off my VMs XD

    Good marks on Chemistry and Anthropology. Failed Math, but I think I might be able to pass the class if I do some extra credit work...I REALLY hope so....otherwise, I'll cry.

    And I still haven't taken Japanese yet, but it shouldn't be that bad, since I'm pretty confident in the material XD
    Speaking of D.Gray-man, if you're interested in it, I highly urge you NOT to watch the anime. It is full of filler, whereas the manga is much, MUCH better. But I'll definitely try to give that style a shot!

    ..."Aggressive tentacle hentai"... I can see how that might scare somebody away from fanservice. That must've been a terrible stroke of bad luck. I don't even want to imagine what my parents would've done if they'd seen something like that... You know, I'm not sure if there's a way to avoid an awkward explanation in regards to Hikaru and Kaoru. It's just... it's something newer viewers have to get used to with anime, I suppose. Although I can understand how it'd be weird to them (even if I like that sort of relationship in anime, for some reason).

    Yes, I definitely think something like WWII should be saved for a time when the students are mature enough to understand it more fully. For sure out of primary school. But I guess what they were teaching in Germany and the lessons they were trying to send were good. I'm just not sure if the kids would be old enough at that point to really soak it in, though.

    You know, I love Paul, but I think it'd be hilarious to watch him and Maylene fight in hand-to-hand combat. There's just no way Paul would win, and I'd like to see how he'd handle losing to Maylene. But I'd also like to see him fight Trip. I think Paul could win that one (and Trip could use a little sense knocked into him :D )! Actually, I could kind of see Brandon just hanging up the phone during a call from Reggie.

    Haha, thanks! :) Even when I was little I drew people with huge hair. Now it's become an unbreakable habit, I guess. Glad you think it makes things interesting! Yes, you'll see more about TipShipping... but first an unfortunate event befalls Trip... I'll try to post it sometime in the next couple of days. ;)
    Oh, I uploaded some new pages. I totally agree with you, I really DO need to bring a darker pencil. I might draw over them over winter break, and reupload the new versions, or something.

    Also, I uploaded another picture. The Amazing Technicolor N... LOL!
    Well, sometimes the @-thing works for me, but sometimes it doesn't. Actually, it usually only doesn't work when somebody's username is two separate words, so I think I can handle it. PMs sound good. It might take a while for me to work on the characters portion (I've got exams next week), but once I do I'll be sure to send it to you. Sure, I'll definitely make sure to put both our names on it once it's ready! English essay-style, or ranting and raving... either is fine by me! I tend to ramble, so it'll be interesting to see how this all turns out.

    Aw, you should do it! The original cute crash was adorable!

    All the N's lined up forming a rainbow... it's kind of beautiful, in a way. I wonder what Maylene's reaction was to Reggie talking about Team Plasma... :D Ah, what if they try to contact Brandon for the Battle Pyramid, to transfer the N clones, or something? But then Ghetsis shoots it down, and some sort of crisis ensues...

    I'll probably try to upload more of my comic tomorrow. I get home early, so I'll have plenty of time to mess with my (terrible) scanner, and try to clean up at least some of the stray lines and stuff.
    Thanks! :) I might try to attempt to borrow from Katsura Hoshino's style (D.Gray-man). I think her art is just fantastic.

    Haha, yeah, I thought about that after I typed it. I'm in particular thinking of the episode where Renge comes, and she's filming that movie. Those parts with Hikaru and Kaoru in particular might be weird to explain, lol.

    Heh heh, good stuff happens with Lupin later. You'll see...! I think it's in book 7? If not, maybe 6. Dobby is best in small doses, that's for sure.

    Same here! Not only do I learn from Hetalia, but it helps me remember the things I've already learned much easier. And it taught me how to spell "Liechtenstein," which is pretty impressive. Hiroshima for kids? I don't think schools in America teach that until 7th grade here (or much of anything WWII-related until then). I wonder how gruesome it was. I can imagine kids being pretty freaked out about it, though.
    ... I finally stopped procrastinating and uploaded pages 1 and 2 of my comic. It gets better later, but I wanted to make sure nobody hates it before uploading the rest, lol.

    It's in my member gallery now! I'd link to it, but for some reason it's not letting me open it in another tab...
    Ah, I hope my pictures show up well after scanning them... I drew them in pencil with a small lead, so I hope it turns out okay...

    LOL, their car rides seem awkward enough anyway, but finding out your brother is in Team Plasma? I can only imagine how awkward that one would be! So, if Paul doesn't care about clothing, does that mean Reggie picked out his usual outfit? The thought of Reggie picking out clothes for Paul is just really cute to me. XD You know, I see the N clones with varying hair colors. Like one would have light blue hair, then another could be blond... A rainbow of N's? :D

    Speaking of N, would you have a voice actor in mind to voice him in the anime? I've imagining what I'd expect N to sound like, but it's really difficult for some reason.
    Pirate ghosts? Sounds interesting... Ever since I played Skies of Arcadia, I've had quite a liking for pirates, so I'm intrigued! The "patriotic" part is definitely emphasized over here in regards to WWII, that's for sure. Actually, it's kind of odd, because Japan doesn't seem to get more of the attention. It gets a big part in the documentaries that detail the ENTIRE war, but most of the time the WWII docs are about Hitler and Nazi Germany. Sometimes they'll talk about Mussolini, but not much. The Double V Campaign was the term for the fight against the axis countries and racism, right? Other than that, I don't know much. It really isn't mentioned in documentaries I've seen or in our textbooks.

    Yeah, I don't know where to begin either. How should we go about this? Individual reviews, then combine them, or something else? Will we post it on FF.net or on these forums? If it's on this forum, I'll post it, if you want.

    Aw, I like the one with Iris ready to crash into Barry! Sorry, I looked at the rest of your gallery! I couldn't help it! I like the ones of Paul and Reggie together and Drew with Beautifly! *sigh* I miss Drew in the anime, too...
    Haha, it felt like time for a change! I wish I was better at drawing, though. Everything I draw turns to semi-chibi form.

    Glad TTGL is going well! They'll probably enjoy Death Note, too. I keep meaning to show my mom more of that one, but alas... Just started rereading the manga three days ago, though. ...I have not seen the end of Evangelion. In fact...I've only seen a couple of episodes. You like it? Should I try to watch the whole thing? I've been looking for something new to start watching anyway, so I might need to look into it. Ah, I LOVE Ouran High School Host Club (anime only, the manga is more boring to me)!!! Hmm, I see your dilemma about it, but there are some jokes that could be appreciated be most anyone, so it still might be worth a try. At the very least, I think the character designs, colors, and animation would keep your parents entertained.

    Prisoner of Azkaban was actually my favorite HP, because I really liked Prof. Lupin. Who's your favorite character thus far in HP? I think mine would have to be either Draco Malfoy or Severus Snape. Probably Snape moreso. Lord of the Flies was a good book (I read it in high school). My sisters said it grossed them out, but I enjoyed it very much. Never read the J.D. Salinger book, though. What's it about?
    Haha, I didn't realize that when I typed it! But in all seriousness, I want Barry and Bianca to literally run into each other. And then they look up and see how similar they look...and just freak out. "I'm fining you for looking like me!!" or something like that.

    AAHHHHH!!! It IS about Paul and Reggie!?!? XD Now I REALLY want to see it!!! I'll keep patient, though! ;) True, I don't want my teachers knowing that I'm not paying much attention, lol. Most of it gets done in Biology, because I sit in the back where my professor can't see me... :p I'll try to upload something on here, though. Maybe to a blog or just the member galleries. I've been meaning to, but I'm incredibly forgetful and scatterbrained, so I either totally forget or get distracted. Also, don't let the odd chibi-like character style scare you off, LOL!! :D

    The TP uniform would be quite a change from his usual clothes. Paul's cold heart can't be bothered with such things, but I wonder how Reggie would react. Oh, and I wonder how he'd find out about Paul joining Team Plasma! I sense another awkward car ride or phone call between those two... XD I'd like to see what the N clones would be like. So each would have their own quirk (like the math, sweets, toys, chocolates)? This sounds so intriguing...
    Some good comics I read were V for Vendetta (the art is a little confusing, but the plot is pretty good), and especially Asterios Polyp. Asterios Polyp looks really strange, but it ended up being pretty good, and the art grew on me the more I read it. What are your thoughts about Dreamworks? Honestly, I can't think of any movie they've animated that I liked. Shrek started off okay-ish, but by the end it was downright boring and stupid (even more than it was at the beginning), Shark Tale was just "blah"...and beyond that it gets worse. All of their human characters look the same, and it really bothers me. I miss non-CGI animated cartoons, where everyone didn't have faces that looked like they were made out of dough.

    Oh no, I'll feel so embarrassed if you watch ThunderCats and hate it, lol! I like the relationship between Lion-O and his adoptive older brother Tygra. Not necessarily in a "shipping" sort of way...Okay, maybe a little bit. Maybe I just have a bizarre thing for awkward relationships between brothers... *cough cough EvaShipping cough cough*

    Ah yes, My Little Pony... I've watched a couple of episodes. It's just okay for me. Not really sure what the big deal is about it, or why everybody seems to be in love with the series, but to each their own. It's definitely odd, I'll say that. And the massive amount of internet memes it has spawned is MIND-BLOWING. But as someone who used to actually collect My Little Pony toys (still got them in a storage container in my closet), I'm just not that interested.

    Sure, I'd be up for working together! I used to do video game reviews for my school paper, but never for anything text-based, so it'd be a new experience for me. If you want to do the joint-review, let me know! :D
    Actually, my mom used to watch Sailor Moon with me when I was in elementary school, so she had some basic knowledge of anime. Then, when I got older and started watching Fullmetal Alchemist, she decided to watch it one night when she had nothing else to do, and after that she's been pretty accepting of my anime obsession. Haha, yeah, I decided not to explain "fanservice" to her, though. I try to lead her away from shows that are heavy with fanservice, lol. Toppa Tengen Gurren Lagann is probably a good starting point. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion has a compelling storyline that they might like, but it also doesn't shy away from fanservice, so I'm not sure if you'd want to use that one. Death Note maybe? Hmm, it's a tough decision.

    Ugh, spoilers!! I hate when somebody spoils endings for me! I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows about six months after it came out, and I stopped everyone from even talking about the series when they were around me until I finished it. I can't believe it worked, to be honest. Yeah, I've wanted to read Animal Farm, too! Some schools and classes teach it in high school, but mine didn't, so I missed out. I think my sisters read it, though... Or maybe not, I can't remember.

    Wow, German TV showed old anime? Weird documentaries... that sounds interesting. I actually enjoy that kind of stuff, and I think I'm one of the only people my age at my school who occasionally will watch History Channel over here. Especially WWII-related things. Ah, you're right, the recession would explain the large amount of poorly animated and ugly shows out now. No offense to Canadians, but their cartoons... well, a lot of them are just terrible. They've taken over Cartoon Network in America, and now they're invading other countries? LOL, but I guess American shows aren't any better, anyway.
    LOL, that would explain a lot, with the average person being a masochist. Can you think of any good reboots? There must be one exception, but I can't think of any. None that surpassed the original, anyway, except ThunderCats (but that's only because the original was terrible, so it doesn't count). ...I think I need to stop talking about ThunderCats. :p

    I feel like my whole review would just be endless gushing and praise, and not be very helpful. But I should let her know how fantastic her work is... The wait has felt like FOREVER!! I think the last chapter (18) came out in July of this year, so it's been... 4 months or so? One time there was a gap of 6 months, so we may still have a ways to go. I really hope Shinneth finishes the entire story at some point, and it doesn't just stop with a resolution or ending. But at the same time, I'd love to keep reading it.

    If you're Barry, then I'm Bianca, lol. :D I think my two year old brother has a longer attention span than me. :p Oh, will you post the comic on Bulbagarden at some point? I'd definitely be interested in seeing it! Are Paul and Reggie involved...? XD When I'm bored at school, I've been drawing a really quick Pokemon parody comic in a notebook. It's very bizarre, so I've held off on posting anything. And did I mention it's drawn on notebook paper? Eh, but I mainly just draw it to amuse myself, so I guess it doesn't matter. Maybe I should post it, to weird everyone out... ;)

    Whoa, that would be AWESOME. I wonder what Paul would look like in Team Plasma uniform. Cute as always, I suppose. XD Are the N substitutes like all the kids at Whammy's House in Death Note? Actually, that'd be quite appropriate, with N = Near, maybe? I can see the telephone call between Paul and Reggie perfectly in my mind. Ah, those two.

    Haha, I enjoy your challenges at topping the craziness! It makes things very interesting! :D
    No problem! And I do long messages too, so I'm totally fine with that! :D

    DVDs are probably cheaper, especially if most of the shows on TV are rubbish anyway. Might as well pay just for what you like. You got your parents to watch anime? Aw, that's awesome! My mom liked Fullmetal Alchemist, Sprited Away, and Howl's Moving Castle, but my dad isn't really interested in anything not sports-related. :p

    You know, I've been meaning to forever, but I've never read "1984." I did, however, love "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley, and people have told me that they are similar in theme. I'll have to get around to 1984, though. Haha, the way American TV is now, I can't blame you! I don't know why anybody in their right mind would want our shows, the nauseating mix of reality trash and procedural dramas... German TV? What kind of shows do they have? I'm taking German in college (though I'm only in my first year), so it might be interesting to watch some German TV!

    Actually, I only knew about Ren and Stimpy because I had relatives who loved it, even when I was growing up. It stuck out in my mind, I guess. Honestly, I thought almost all American comics looked the same too (the superhero ones especially), until I got into my current "Graphic Novels: The Search for Identity" class at college. It's introduced me to some more intelligent comics than I was used to from America. Argh, I really need to watch Fantasia!! It's odd that you bring it up, because other people have also recently been talking about it to me, and it makes me really want to watch it! It sounds good, though, and from what few clips I've seen, it looks very nicely animated. It's like the one Disney movie I missed watching...
    Argh, the other thing that bothers me about movies now is the constant need to "reboot" a franchise. Is everyone THAT uncreative that they have to just reuse old plotlines and characters over and over until they've been destroyed? It works with the Thundercats reboot, because the original Thundercats was crap and it could only be improved upon, but SPIDERMAN? The Spiderman movies weren't even that old to need a reboot? And video games are doing the same thing, with Lara Croft and Devil May Cry (and in Devil May Cry's Case, it isn't even 10 years old!!!). I want NEW ideas, not rehashed versions of things that didn't need to be redone! (I like to complain about this stuff; stop me if it gets too annoying :p)

    Same here with Brandon! In fact, I found him a little annoying in the actual canon, with the way he always yells out "NOOOO," but Trifecta made me a fan. Now I rewatch episodes about him and actually like his character. That's an impressive feat for a fanfic. Haha, yeah, we should probably be telling Shinneth all of this stuff...It's been a while since Trifecta had a new chapter, hasn't it? (I can't wait!!)

    Oops, I should've clarified I meant actual canon! :p Hmm, but maybe I should try to make a fanfic. I've never even attempted it (and my attention span is so short...), but it might be fun. I don't know if I could write Cilan properly, though. True, if there's one character we can count on to be consistent and entertaining, it's Cilan, our connoisseur of everything! N and Paul meeting is just too good to pass up/ to not think about. I could see N watching Paul mistreat his Pokemon, and then breaking down into angry tears, or something. Well, it works in my head, anyway. :D
    Eh, McFarlane is overrated, and Family Guy stopped being sort of entertaining after about 2 seasons. Now it just goes for shock value and trying to shove in as many random pop culture jokes as possible. I mostly watch DVDs for my shows too, with the exception of Regular Show, Thundercats (...is it weird that I ENJOY the Thundercats reboot...?), and Pokemon. It's just easier to watch things when I choose with the convenience of DVDs.

    Wow, I don't recognize many of those shows. I knew Arthur, Scooby Doo, Shaun the Sheep, Bob the Builder, and Timmy Time, and all the CITV shows. I looked up that "Everything's Rosie," though, and the tree on there looked just like the Great Deku Tree from The Legend of Zelda! How strange. Thanks for typing that entire list, by the way. :) I'm interested to look up those shows, since I'm unfamiliar with them.

    Ah, I thought that style looked familiar! After watching that clip, I knew it reminded me of Ren and Stimpy... did John K. work on that as well? Some of the comments were saying that, and I definitely see the resemblance. Oh yeah, Pinocchio was some dark stuff. Not only that, but when I was little it gave me nightmares, lol. Tangled is one of Disney's better recent efforts, I have to say. Personally, I think the last good Disney (and Pixar) movie was "Monsters, Inc." Even though it had the celebrity voice talent, I think it had a lot of heart in it. I'm not big on the Toy Story movies, though, and I DESPISED Finding Nemo. The funny thing about celebrity voice actors is that at least half the time they aren't even any GOOD at acting. Renee Zellweger instantly comes to mind. There are anime voice actors who get paid far less, yet are much more talented. That's just a shame.
    Everyone is characterized so well in Trifecta! Reggie in particular. I think Shinneth gets the inner strength that Reggie possesses just right. Gah, all those parts were so good...! I think I might go back and read some of it again! Oh, and I like all the parts where Brandon is interacting with Paul and Reggie. So awesome...

    Haha, yeah, it would have to be executed perfectly to work, without making Cilan seem too cliche. The way things have been going in the BW anime, I'm not sure they'd be able to pull it off well, anyway. Speaking of the anime, I've always thought that it would be the most interesting thing if N had appeared back at the beginning of DP. I can only imagine what his reaction would've been to Paul releasing his Pokemon and the way he treated Chimchar.
    Maybe Regular Show will come on at some point over there. I think it does decent in the ratings here, so there might be a chance. It has... well, it has a strange sense of humor, but that's the kind of stuff I like. What all comes on British cartoon channels? I was just wondering how similar American and British programming is for cartoons.

    The article about "The Modern Way to Write Stories"... wow, just wow. It was a very interesting read, but kind of depressing to think about the state of movies and the entertainment industry. I'd never heard of John K. before; I'll have to check out some more of that stuff. Producers and studios come out with the same slop of movies and TV shows, yet people continue to eat it up. Sometimes I wonder about people. I'm just like, "Don't you people realize that you're encouraging this trash?" And the way EVERY animated movie now has to use celebrities for its voice talent REALLY bothers me. It's as if the studios think they can compensate for a sub-par/mediocre plot by shoving in whoever is popular at the moment. *sigh*

    Yeah, some of the old Disney movies were rated for all ages, but could be considered dark. Sadly, now all of Disney's new movies are just sad attempts at forced humor with enough "cute," wisecracking animals to keep kids entertained.
    I love the way you worded that, about the shows becoming inbred. That's really what it seems like, at this point. Honestly, I can't tell half of those shows apart. Am I watching 6Teen, or is this Johnny Test? Who would know, since every character looks about the same? At least Regular Show and The Amazing World of Gumball don't have those angular character designs. Personally, I think Regular Show is one of the best new cartoons I've seen in awhile.

    I bet they are still using the "assembly line." It would explain a lot. Don't the producers realize that if too much stuff that is similar to whatever is popular comes out, it'll over saturate the market? Then people will get tired of it. If things were done in moderation, it wouldn't be a problem, but sometimes they go overboard. After Twilight, the influx of vampire-related media got to be ridiculous. And soon, people will be bored with it and move on to the next stupid fad.

    And the way people think those games have good plots and stuff is just laughable. Nobody plays those war games for a satisfying plot. But yeah, I don't know why they're considered "dark." Just because there is death involved? That doesn't automatically equal "dark" to me.

    Travels of the Trifecta is my absolute FAVORITE fanfic! It fits into the anime so well, and I would love to see something like the plots in Trifecta adapted into an anime. Of course, that would never happen, but it would be the coolest thing if it did. The chapter where Paul left Conway after he was seduced by Mars was incredible. So much emotion...

    I could see Cilan having a personality switch to cope with his guilt/pain over something. Like, the "fabulous" and outlandish Cilan we see now in the anime is only a facade meant to hide his inner turmoil. I think that would be really interesting... And Chili and Cress put up with him and don't try to question him about it because they don't want to bring up past memories, or something.
    I'm on pins and needles waiting to see...!

    *sigh* Seriously, all the angles don't make for very attractive character design. There are so many Flash-animated cartoons out now, and it bothers me to no end. I get that it's cheap, like you said, but UGH! The shows just look like crap. But the live-action shows on for adults aren't much better either. Practically every show on the major networks here is a crime-show, CSI-type thing. I mean, where is the creativity? Don't people get tired of watching the same thing over and over again? And the reality shows... first of all, they aren't "real," and second of all, they're brain-rotters.

    Same here, most games I play aren't the hyper-violent ones. Pokemon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Final Fantasy... those are pretty tame compared to the constant influx of war games. Why are they so popular now...?

    Hee hee, yep, I absolutely LOVE Travels of the Trifecta! XD I think it influences my headcanon quite a bit. Well, one example of backstory is that Cilan (in the anime) used to be very timid and shy like his game counterpart, but then he started to act like he does now after he was in some traumatic event that altered his personality. I've never really thought about what the event would be, but still. I'll tell you more when I get back on my laptop later; I'm going to go eat some salad (super hungry right now, LOL!). :D
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