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  • ChosenShipping is nice, too. I can definitely see the evidence. For some reason, I just gravitate towards yaoi ships with my favorite characters... :p Although honestly, I kind of see what you mean. PreciousMetalShipping is the only yaoi ship I'm really into from Special. OriginalShipping is okay, but I'm not that big on it. Haha, yeah, I have a hard time shipping Yellow, too. I like her as a character, but I don't know what to do with her, either. FranticShipping is compelling, I like the contrast between the more effeminate Ruby and the tomboyish Sapphire. Oh, I just remembered, I like OriginShipping (Wallace X Steven). I'm still a bit mad that Steven only appeared in ONE episode in the anime... T_T

    I've always thought that Reggie always had an interest in breeding, as well. I think it'd help explain why he gave up on battling so easily. Especially if Brandon really is his dad, because it would make it seem like Reggie was only battling to please his father. It IS easy to forget the Reggie is a strong battler, when we only really see his losses in the anime. I'd love to see what his journey through Kanto, Hoenn, Johto, and Sinnoh was like. That should be a spin-off anime! XD
    Yeah, once I got into high school, there wasn't a whole lot for me to do for Halloween. Thanksgiving is definitely more... I don't know, purposeful, I suppose.

    Haha, we can put the doll conversation on hold, if you want. Oh, but now I'm curious about what you said about "putting Reggie with dolls"... The suspense is killing me, lol! :D

    There have been so many ridiculously terrible kids shows lately that it's not even funny. Have you heard of "Total Drama Island?" It's supposed to be like a cartoon reality show. Yeah, THAT'S what kids need to watch, a reality show. And that's not even the worst of it. Kids watching South Park is a scary thought, in a way. My parents NEVER would've let me do that. And even though Family Guy and shows like that come on during the early evening, kids shouldn't be watching that either. I think people have their priorities a little messed up. And then I can't stand when kid commit crimes and parents/news analysts blame the video games. Normal people don't do crazy things like that just because they played too many violent video games. The parents should man up and take responsibility for once. ...Wow, that got really long. I just had to complain for a while. :p

    Well, the kids who play sports are most likely going to get more scholarship money than those who don't. Especially if they play basketball or American fooball. A lot of schools here have gotten into trouble because they let their athletes cheat on exams and tests, just so they keep a high enough grade-point average. And it seems like a fair bit of those athletes get into criminal trouble, leading me to believe that they only got accepting because of sports. So, it may be a little overstated, but there is definitely some truth about the sports acceptance stuff here. Again, I think it's an issue of having mixed up priorities. College is for learning, not just for winning championships, after all.
    Oh wow, that's quite a while from now D: Yeah, I thought I'd be homesick by now, but I've actually had nightmares about going back home and being yelled at to do chores again...it was a scary thought Dx

    I hope so! lol. I like it when characters are more tsun-tsun than dere-dere...when they switch off too much, their true personality is not nearly as apparent and it makes the character less believable (case: Taiga from Toradora)
    I think I would have liked it better if I had watched more of the Muppets when I was little, but it was very funny. Definitely a must-watch for die-hard fans. I actually don't miss home much at all. It's weird, I'm perfectly content with not living at home...less household and family responsibilities. It's really liberating to be honest.

    Haha, it sounds too cutesy for my usual repertoire XD Then again, miss piggy is pretty fierce!
    Oh, I totally agree, Special Silver is the best! I don't count Paul as a Silver either. I mean, they are definitely similar, but there are also some major differences as well to distinguish between them. G/S is my favorite chapter too, mainly because of Silver and his interactions with Gold! XD So, do you like ChosenShipping (Silver and Blue) or PreciousMetalShipping (Gold and Silver)? I prefer PreciousMetal, but I can't deny that Silver and Blue are kind of cute together. You should read the D/P chapters, too. Dia and Pearl and just adorable! XD Platinum is okay too, but she starts to take over all the screen-time as it goes on.

    I can support most anything if Reggie is involved! :D Yeah, I've thought that before, too. There have been times that I've imagined backstory and plot for some characters, and thought about it so much that I started to believe it was canon. And I can be rather adamant that my favorite characters are the best (but I don't get TOO crazy about it...I think.). I think everybody probably has this problem, even if they don't realize it. Anybody who really likes something, anyway.
    Haha, I can't blame you! I'd rather have tons of food than trick-or-treating and candy.

    Ah, that was a great image you put in my head, with Reggie getting out of Paul's clothes... Hmm, that sounded weirder than I intended, but still, that'd be a good idea for a fanart piece! I know, the more we talk about these dolls, the more I want them! I should try to work on one over the winter holiday, as long as I don't get too lazy about it.

    Seriously, if parents actually did their job of PARENTING, maybe there wouldn't be as many problems later! They can blame the media and TV all they want, but it doesn't change the fact that parenting (of lack thereof) is the biggest factor in shaping a child for the future. You're not the only one who gets tired of peoples constant, pointless complaining, trust me. I completely agree with you.

    Hmm, well, schools here in America DEFINITELY place more importance on sports than on smarts/academics. And I can't deny that there are "cliques" with the "cool girls", the "jocks", (etc.) who don't like the other kids. For the most part, everyone at my high school got along pretty well, but it was a relatively small school. However, I know at some other schools near mine there was a lot of bullying and generally mean behavior. It's a shame. I just don't understand why people have to make fun of others, just because they don't have the same interests. *sigh* Yep, if only the stereotypes didn't have some truth behind them...
    Yeah, it was yesterday, but that's okay XD I didn't go home for TG like most people did, but one of my friends who lived near the university took me to see the movies. We saw the Muppets and afterwards, I was inclined to change my username to "Miss Piggy" XD
    Ah, I LOVE the manga!! Silver is my absolute favorite! XD All his turmoil at being Giovanni's son was fantastic. And he looks so good, especially in laters chapters... :) I like manga Blue (the boy one) much better than anime Gary or game Blue. He's my third favorite. My second favorite is Pearl, because he's just so adorable and funny. I love his comedy routines with Diamond (and Diamond's cute too, in a dopey sort of way, lol). Gold is pretty cool, too, especially when there are PreciousMetalShipping moments between he and Silver. One of my favorite ships! XD Who are your favorites?

    Yeah, I just don't get how everyone thinks it's the best thing ever. Is it just nostalgia towards the original games, or what? Of all the male protagonists in the main series, Red's design is my least favorite. When Sugimori switched over to digital paint, I was really confused. I thought they'd changed character designers, or something. His style just looks so different now, it's hard to believe the same guy has been doing it since Red/Blue/Yellow. Even just the difference between Ruby/Sapphire and then Emerald is jarring.

    Hmmm... would you be able to analyze Drew? He might be an interesting one (and he's another of my favorite characters... :p ). If not, then I'm fine with whoever you choose. I'll keep thinking about other possibilities, though, if you'd like.

    Haha, glad to know my Reggie obsession isn't too annoying! XD I'll try to restrain myself somewhat, though, lol!
    Thanks! I just ate a big meal with my family (and had my favorite, squash casserole!!), and then went to look at some Christmas lights. Kind of early, but that's what my parents like. Anything interesting on your end?

    Hmm, it's weird, because I can imagine Paul in Reggie's clothes, but not the other way around. Still, it'd be neat to be able to switch their clothes.

    Yeah, it is indeed a ridiculous world. People get offended about the most stupid of things, although the media seems to encourage that nowadays. Even though I don't like White's clothes, I still don't see how her shorts are offensive or inappropriate? She's not a 10 year old character, after all, and Misty's shorts seem even shorter. Eh, can't please everyone, I guess.

    True, America does put off that kind of image. And it is pretty accurate, I guess. In high school, the athletes always got all the recognition over the Honor Roll students. Especially where I live now, in the South. It's always kind of bothered me, but there's not much I can do about that. *sigh* Haha, they should've put mean cheerleaders in the game! That would've been awesome. They should have a giant school where you can battle people everyday, and just fill it with all sorts of stereotypes, LOL. :D
    Happy Thanksgiving! :)

    I appreciate it! :) Yeah, if I had Paul and Reggie plushies, I'd definitely want to play with them. Maybe act out an awkward dinner between the two, or something, LOL.

    Oddly enough, yeah, I've seen way more people talk about her shorts. There was a review of the Pokemon Adventures: BW manga on AnimeNewsNetwork, and they said that White's shorts might be a little inappropriate for kids. I was just like, "What? Are you serious?" Like kids don't see much worse than that everytime they turn on a TV. OR walk by the magazines at the grocery store. *sigh* So many baseball caps, and so many athletes in general! I can't believe they added soccer, football, tennis, baseball, and basketball players all in one generation. Apparently, all America does is play sports, lol. :D

    I always thought that was Ruby's hair too, until a year ago when I saw people arguing about it. Then I started to question myself. In the manga anyway, it's a hat (if I remember correctly). But in the games, it's a bit more ambiguous.

    Do you like Red's design, FireRed/LeafGreen and onward? Everybody gushes over Red, but I just don't like his design, nor do I think he's the "coolest thing ever" like everyone else does. Actually, I'm not fond of Leaf's design either.

    I'll definitely comment when the blog is up! This stuff is fascinating! :D Hmm, Reggie would be an adorable kindergarten teacher...XD (Sorry, had to fangirl a little, there! XD)
    Omigod, that plush... XD That was adorable! If I could reach into my computer screen and grab it, I totally would.

    I agree that White is VERY stereotypical Western "cool" girl. Although I hate White's design, so that might be part of it. Actually, I'm not a fan of Black's either. Of all the player characters, I think that the Hoenn ones (Ruby/Sapphire) have the best design. Even if I AM still a little confused about that white hat Brendon/Ruby wears, lol.

    Oh, Team Rocket and Misty would probably be really good to analyze! This would be a great blog, definitely! :D

    And yay for Reggie Time (my favorite time, lol)! Interesting observation that because we already get used to focusing on Paul's face, Reggie doesn't necessarily need a frame. And don't worry, you weren't being too obvious! I never really thought about the contrast between Reggie's casual clothing compared to Paul, but now that I realize it, it's neat! And Reggie's warm colors vs. Paul's cold ones... So much thought put into it... That's impressive! I'd never heard of the Yamato Nadeshiko character archtetype-thing before. Hmm, but scarily enough, Reggie DOES sort of fit the role, in a way... :sweatlol:

    I was always glad that even though Paul and Reggie look somewhat alike and are clearly siblings, they don't look TOO much alike. That's a pet peeve of mine in some other anime series, but thankfully it didn't happen here in Pokemon.
    o_O Wow! That was some great, deep analysis! :D

    I never realized it before, but now I definitely see the military-thing going on in Paul's outfit. And the part about his jacket collar being a frame... it all works so well. And in comparison, it makes Trip look even MORE poorly designed than I previously thought. But back to Paul, wow, they really outdid themselves with his design! It all came together so perfectly...

    Your analysis was quite an interesting read! I'm looking forward to your thoughts about Reggie! :D (But don't worry about rushing, I'm busy too with some college papers, so I understand if you're busy!)
    True, the 90s were incredibly bland, fashion-wise. Everytime I see a show on TV that was filmed in the 90s, I have to laugh at their atrocious clothes and hair styles. Really, things would've been better off if Cheren had been used as Ash's main rival. The sad thing is, Trip is bad as Ash's primary rival, and Stephan is just terribly DULL, and Bianca...well, I like her, but I can't really consider her a legitimate rival. Even in Hoenn, where Ash had NO defined rival, things were better. To be honest, though, I liked Drew so much that he made up for Ash not having a rival that series.

    Yeah, I've never seen any merchandise based on Ash's rivals. Which is sad, because I too would buy a Paul and Reggie plushie in a second! If I knew how to sew (or if I wasn't such a klutz), I'd try making them myself, but I don't have that kind of talent. *sigh* Paul and Reggie plushies... XD
    Don't worry, I'm hopeless at Ocarina of Time, too. Never got past the Forest Temple... Personally, I enjoyed Wind Waker more, but mainly because it was easier. :p

    Hmm, Trip looks more late 90s now that I think about it. He sort of looks like he's a wannabe fan of late 90s hip hop music. Or maybe that's just me. :D I don't really know about the bandwidth thing, but the way you posted it is fine for me. I'd never seen that before...It's definitely interesting. The way there's orange in Paul's outfit, and the way his pants are similar in color to Trip's... Argh, I'm not liking this "color swap" thing going on!

    Everything about Trip just seems so half-hearted. Such a shame, coming off of the greatness that is Paul. I mean, Trip has no real backstory, no compelling motiviation, no connections to other characters, he doesn't even have a reason to be in a rivalry with Ash... It kind of irritates me just thinking about it.

    *sigh* I never realized how perfect the colors used in Reggie and Paul's outfits are... XD How I wish those two would reappear, or get a special. I'd like to hear your thoughts about the lines used! :) This kind of stuff is really interesting to me (especially when it involves Paul and Reggie!).

    Speaking of specials, what do you think the odds are of the Brock and Dawn DP specials getting dubbed? My guess is 15%. It seems like they should've been aired by now.
    Haha, I took 2 VMs this time! :)

    It IS weird seeing bishi Paul... Usually I prefer that look, but I like regular, anime Paul better. Maybe it's the eyebrows (might explain my love of Reggie too)? XD

    Western fashion magazine from the 90s? LOL, that would make a lot of sense, actually! :D I just...how did so many things go wrong with one character? I mean, Trip is like a chain event of mistakes. Made even more disappointing by his predecessor, Paul... Speaking of Paul, though, I'd have liked to see him without his jacket on in the anime. Just in that teal shirt. I guess it'd be like Paul fanservice for me, lol.

    Hmm, the boots remind me so much of Silver. I wonder how it would've been if they'd just used Silver instead of Paul in the anime. I'm a huge Silver fan, but I much prefer Paul.

    LOL, I really like Reggie's clothes! Simple, yet effective. I've said it before, but boy does he make an apron look good! XD
    I mean, really, it's not like a spin-off wouldn't do well. It's Pokemon, and people would watch it. They just need to DO IT and make a spin-off for us, and they can have more merchandise for it (to make it worth their money). I wonder what kind of Pokemon would be the mascot for such a spin-off, though. Probably not something like Pikachu, Piplup, or Oshawott, I'm guessing.

    That 1up article made me sad... I've always identified more with Japanese games than Western ones. I guess that even if we got a spin-off, it might not turn out like we'd want. But if it did...oh, how it would be glorious! The more I think about your May/Paul/Misty idea, the more I want it...

    Parody Stu all the way! At this point, I just have a hard time believing that there is anything planned to make Trip interesting. His camera obsession is just...THERE. "Oh, I'm recording my journey." That's it? Really? Why couldn't there be more? Where's some depth for your pathetic personality, Trip? *sigh*

    Actually, I don't find Cheren all that similar to Trip. There are some minor similarities, but Cheren at least had some character development. Although I guess in that way, Trip is just a "Cheren Lite."
    Don't worry about it! :) I couldn't get on Bulbagarden for over a day earlier this week. I thought it was just my computer, or something.

    I wonder if they realize that older fans would really enjoy seeing something like that. I mean, they must know that there ARE a lot of older fans, right? I'd love the read a story about Paul, Misty, and May's travels together! It'd be interesting changing the usual group dynamic from 2 guys/1 girl to 2 girls/1guy.

    Oh no, I definitely wouldn't want Cheren there if he acted like Trip!! Trip is just failing as a rival, and I'm not sure that can be reversed. Honestly, Cilan IS a better rival for Ash, and that is just sad. Hmm, I wonder what it would've been like if Cilan had been a rival...I'd miss seeing him every episode, though.

    Trip looks more like Paul in the link, in my opinion. It's all in the face...but there is an undeniable resemblance to Paul's final design as well. I'm glad they went with the version we saw in the anime. Paul's face is cuter there. XD Oh, and this is random, but I hate Trip's clothes. Paul's worked for him, but Trip looks like he just rolled out of bed.
    Hmm, that's a pretty good idea! Yeah, I might need to change my signature for advertising. I'll need to think of a catchy phrase, or something.

    Paul, Misty, and May...interesting. That might make for a fresh group dynamic. I could see Misty and Paul especially getting into arguments. The more I think about it, the more I'd like to see it, actually! Maybe run it as a spin-off concurrently with the regular anime? I'm sure a lot of people would like to see that.

    LOL, true, I should probably be careful what I wish for with Team Plasma. I'd hate for them to finally show up...and then be boring as sin or handled in a terrible way. I feel like N might look weird in the anime, too. Like, I don't know how, but I just don't think he'd look right.

    I wish Cheren had appeared in Trip's place. I love his character design.
    I am of the belief that Bianca and Barry are siblings, but Palmer just lost her somewhere (on a boat, I guess) and she somehow found her way into Unova, where a man decided to take her in and raise her as his own daughter. I think it would explain why her dad is so protective of her, LOL. At the very least, they must be cousins or something. The resemblance is just uncanny.

    Haha, I hope my fan club goes over well! It'll be sad if there are only about 3 members...(and I can't get my sisters to join! They refuse... T_T )

    I'd really like to see May participating in contests in Johto! I know on some polls on this site she was voted the most popular female character, so I'm sure a lot of people would be interested to see her in either a special episode or something similar. I'd like to see Max finally go back and see that Ralts he loved so much. I thought that episodes ("Do I Hear A Ralts?") was so cute.

    I'm on pins and needles to learn when (...if...?) Team Plasma and N will appear in BW. I really liked Team Galactic in DP, so I hope that Team Plasma could be even better! I can see where you're coming from about the BW anime, though. DP was just so epic...and then we get a totally different thing with BW. My least favorite series is definitely the Johto arc, though. I didn't like Misty and Brock, I didn't like the piles upon piles of filler, I didn't like Ash's Pokemon, I just didn't like ANYTHING. Which is sad, since Gold/Silver/Crystal and their remakes are probably my favorite games in the series.
    Agreed, Cilan is definitely the best part of Best Wishes! He's just so entertaining the way he's a connoisseur of, well, EVERYTHING! I think that he and Burgundy have some interesting interactions, but I would like to see a little more from her. Bianca too. Personally, I'd like to see Bianca and Barry literally run into each other, and then be confused about why they look alike. :D

    I'm such a huge Reggie fangirl...XD It's nice to meet someone else who likes him as well. He's definitely an underrated character. (and I just made a fan club group for him!! XD)

    I'm actually a May fan as well. She's my favorite of Ash's female companions, and I'd like to see a new special about her or something. Oddly enough, I liked Max as well (though I'm probably in the minority for that one :p).

    Yeah, I'm not all that keen on Trip, either. It might be because I miss Paul, though. It's just...there's no real tension between Trip and Ash. No reason to battle. That probably won't make for an interesting Unova League battle.

    Overall, though, I really like the BW anime. I do think that this group has the most chemistry, and Cilan alone would make it worth it! I just want to see N and Team Plasma appear (finally), and a Paul cameo. And some of the filler episodes are kind of boring, though, but I guess that has happened every season, huh?

    What are your thoughts on the BW anime?
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