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  • Mine is on May 21st. The forum will say its the 20th, but that's because I messed up when signing up. ^^;
    They would be... different. "Leave me alone! I have some very important training to do!". He'd become generous to everyone and be the next travelling angel that would help everyone out.... Sounds like a Shinji fanfic gone wrong.

    What is your OTP then?
    With Shinji we'd have to try harder with the fillers. It would be terribly OOC if he stumbled on a random CoTD and agreed to help them for no reason other than sincere generosity like Satoshi. but maybe if we made that Shinji would think it would make him get closer with Satoshi, it might work ;)
    As if we'd actually let him :p

    We're not hiring at the moment, and that's top secret information.
    Nah, Scott is just somebody who had his application to join our crew declined many times. He pretends to work for the show to fill the missing hole in his life.
    Oh wow. The battery of my Laptop died too, but with a charger it kept on working. Then its graphics card derped.

    I will. (I have actually been a writer for the show all along and you fans didn't know it :D.) I can see it becoming annoying after a while, though.

    How it came out of nowhere made me laugh the most.
    How did it stop working? Damn, that sucks.

    I'm fine. I got a PM from somebody where they think I seriously do work for Pokemon and gave me questions and ideas on how to improve the show. I'll respond to it later today.
    With handheld games, sometimes it's harder to listen to the music, like when you're playing out in public or something. So I can see why you'd have a hard time answering about a song from Silver Version. XD Speaking of that game, though, the HG/SS soundtracks are my favorite in the series. New Bark Town's song is so pretty.

    Music is nice to have turned up in games, especially when there's a battle or boss fight. Nothing like a good battle theme to get you ready for a battle. ^^
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