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  • I know that feeling, when school work prevents you from playing all the games you'd like to. Now that you mention it... I kind of see what you mean there about the mafia thing. ^^ As somebody who often listens to video game soundtracks, music is something I pay a lot of attention to in games. XD Do you listen to any soundtracks frequently?
    Yeah, it doesn't seem like something that would work, but it does very well. Playing it, you have to utilize the evidence that's presented (and look for some) and point out the contradictions in people's words, while not letting your defendant seem guilty. And the plots are very interesting, from what I've seen, and the music is very nice. XD
    Wow, congratulations! Glad you got into the one you wanted! ^^

    Yep, that's the series. I haven't actually played the ones she was in, but from what I know (and have been told about XD), she seems like a very interesting character with a good story, so I'd like to play the game she debuted in at some point.
    Great, I hope the interviews turn out well for you!

    My avatar is of Adrian Andrews from some of the Ace Attorney video games. ^^
    She's fine, I honestly think she's meant to, but just forgot since she's been kind of busy lately. Of course I don't really know though for sure, so I'll ask her anyway. I'm sure you haven't upset her though, so please don't worry. ^^ No problem!
    LOL, yeah, if any HMs don't need an alternative, it's surf. That is a good point about the HMs being more realistic. Though that'd make it hard on some mono-type trainers... so they should have some alternatives provided. XD Oh right, the developer studio that made the Epic Mickey games closed down... If there was enough demand for it, maybe Disney or somebody would ask Warren Spector to work on another game? Unova was pretty easy to traverse in general, which was helped by some HM changes, but also because the map was a little bit more linear (which I kind of liked). They're good games, but with Gen. VI coming around the corner, moving on to those might not be a bad idea.

    Speaking of Golbat, I found that one scary when I was little. And Arbok, too. XD Pikachu was kind of... strange looking. I always thought Squirtle and Charmander were a bit creepy in the original games as well, so I chose Bulbasaur (who was weird-looking, but less so). Yeah, they are fun to look at now, to see how bizarre the Pokemon looked in the early games. And how frightening, in some cases.

    They do seem to get better, looking more specific to the type they correspond to. And Glaceon in particular is really graceful-looking. ^^ Some how, I'm completely blanking on trying to remember Dark/Psychic types. Though speaking of Dark types, I think a cerberus-looking evolution for Houndoom might be kind of cool. That's probably a good way of thinking about it, so you can't be disappointed if Pokemon you like don't get an evolution. XD
    Same here, I'd definitely believe the claims of Defog being the worst. And in the field, it was almost more unnecessary than Flash. Yeah, I think there was a surfboard in the code, which sounds kind of cool. It'd be interesting to know when that concept got abandoned/replaced for the HMs. Gen. V was less inconvenient with HMs, since many were just needed for extra exploration (and Dive was only obtainable in the post-game) and boulders moved by Strength and dropped into holes were permanent. Now that you brought it up... Gen. V really wasn't all that bad for HMs, honestly.

    That's a good point there. I think her personality would hold up, but without her design, she might not be as memorable. LOL, not even just the back sprites! XD Lots of the front ones on Red/Blue/Green were just "blah" as well, though the back sprites were an extra special case of ugly. They hardly resembled the Pokemon they were for. (Now I almost feel like replaying Blue Version, to look at them again. ^^;)

    A Dragon-type Eeveelution... that has the potential for a really neat design. After Glaceon and Leafeon had really appealing designs, I'd have high hopes for it to as well, actually for any type of Eeveelution. Which Pokemon would you like to see get a new evolution? I've always wanted Spearow/Fearow one, for some reason.
    That's definitely smarter than what I do, LOL. Defog is like how Flash used to be, not really necessary with patience or a map. I remember back when I was playing Yellow Version, always being so mad to have to waste a move slot on Flash, until I just learned to deal with the darkness in Dark Cave. Ah, I didn't think about how difficulty would be affected by key item versions of the HMs. Though recent generations are the ones that introduced good HM slaves, so that could factor into it as well. Honestly, if all the HMs were as good as Surf, I wouldn't mind at all. XD

    Yeah, her personality was fun to watch, and her outfit was at least interesting. With a Dark type monotype trainer, if they could avoid making him/her really moody and the usual stereotypes, that alone would be a good sign for them being a decently-handled character. If only they would give it a try. Tangela was the one and only pure Grass type in Gen. I, I think. Though without it being able to evolve back then, it probably didn't get used much (come to think of it, I don't think I've EVER used a Tangela).

    Speaking of, it'll be interesting to see if any old Pokemon get new evolutions in Gen. VI. Or if there's a new Eeveelution. Steel type would be my hope. XD
    A brilliant goal that probably succeeded to some extent. XD Interesting, you don't miss Fly in Sinnoh? Maybe the reason I have a hard time in Sinnoh is because I barely ever have any Pokemon with HM moves on-hand, and when I do, it's only Surf and Waterfall generally. What would you think if they removed HMs as required for traversing regions, and instead made them like key items? For at least one game, that might be an interesting change. Hopefully they do remake them this generation. ^^ They had their charms, so they're worth playing for sure.

    Ah right, Georgia/Langley is a monotype Ice trainer. I forgot about her. ^^; She's pretty entertaining, so they are at least capable of making such trainers interesting, though I guess they just don't do it often. A Dark type trainer would be cool to see. XD Especially if they could give them a really striking design, taking advantage of the type. Speaking of Grass, I forgot until now how there was pretty much only one pure Grass type back in Gen. I. So many ways that generation is hard to go back to...

    I actually haven't even seen the ask or whatever it is on tumblr, to be honest. ^^; But actually, I'm honestly glad you just said that, because I'd forgotten about the PM since we've gone to VMs. That, and I think it's under a bunch of mafia-related messages. But no, really, I'm the one who is sorry. It slipped my mind, and I apologize for that.
    That's an interesting thing to point out, how Missingno. has a name... Hmm, it'd be funny if it was there to scare people who tried to cheat the game. I can see where using the Rare Candies would kind of take away the fun of the game, though having some in stock for some weaker Pokemon would be nice. The cloning glitch just sounds like it has the potential to cause problems, but apparently it's a bit safer than I thought. XD Exactly, the earlier Pokemon often look less inspired compared to the ones that followed. I mean, Voltorb and Electrode are great Pokemon, but design-wise... not so much. Map-wise, I like Johto most as well, but Sinnoh's is actually my least favorite, since Mt. Coronet was in such a position that got in the way when traveling. ^^; Hoenn is kind of cool, since it has a ton of water routes, and diving.

    Ah, yeah, Misty didn't really have a lot to work with, now that you mention it. Her having a Vaporeon could've been cool, though. Do you think a mono-type rival character could be interesting in the anime? It'd probably be hard to write a rivalry with that, but it could be interesting. For what type I'd like to see be used, I'd choose Steel since it's my favorite because it's a type that doesn't seem to get shown as much as some others. If not Steel, then Ice could be kind of neat. Water, Rock, and Dragon would be out since they've kind of already been used (though Rock is kind of pushing it), and Fire, Grass, and Electric might be too common for an interesting mono-type trainer.
    I don't think I've ever actually been in a haunted house. My reaction probably wouldn't be any better. XD I can't quite figure out what it is that makes Missingno. so creepy, but it definitely is. Maybe it's just knowing that it doesn't belong there. LOL, yeah, after my cousin did that, I was afraid to surf around Cinnabar Island. Ah, the cloning glitch, did that one have any serious risks? I was too afraid to try that one. ^^; Light type (if I was designing it, I mean) would be strong against Ghost, Water, and maybe Flying, and weak to Fire and Grass. And working in some sort of type-thing that relates to how light would reflect off of steel surfaces would be cool. It'd definitely have more Special attacks than Physical attacks... but other than that, I'd have to give it more thought. XD I agree completely there about Gen. I being overrated (and actually, Gen. II has my favorite designs as well). Many of the Pokemon from the first games just look a bit dull now. Hmm, in the anime, I don't think they've really been handled great. There was Misty who tried to have all Water-types, but I don't really think her water specialty was handled all that well. Iris at least has more of a personal reason to favor Dragons, but since her team isn't complete Dragon, I guess she doesn't count. So thinking about it... it would be nice to see somebody with a truly single type team get a decent little plot or something.
    Happy Late New Year!

    Ah, I was always an easily scared kid, so I might've just been odd like that. Missingno. was kind of creepy, I agree. XD I still remember my cousin telling me he had something cool to show me on Pokemon, and causing that glitch on my game, which scared me, LOL. Especially with so many Dark and Steel Pokemon, that is odd to look back on. I always expected something like "Light" type to come up, but they look pretty steady at 17. I'd love to see how a new type would affect the game, though. When there's Voltorb and Electrode around, I never use Magnemite either. Gen. I isn't one of my favorites anyway though, so I also haven't used all of those Pokemon. XD
    Yeah, giving the version for a new, unproven console to a company with the worst track record does not sound like a good idea. XD That sounds like it was quite a challenge then, with a Bug run in Gen. I. But kind of fun. ^^ Ah right, the Silph Scope, wasn't it? I remember thinking the Ghosts looked really creepy without using that item when I was a kid, LOL. It's interesting how some types were just very underrepresented back in those days, especially Ghost and Dragon. A Bug run in Diamond would probably be cool then, so you can compare your experience from Yellow. It'd probably be a lot nicer, with the Bug type moves in particular. XD LOL, it's hard to think of Bite as ever being Normal, since it's such a common move that you always see with Dark now. I also always forget that the Magnemite family wasn't always half-Steel. That just seems so... wrong now. ^^;
    Ah, there was some game outsourcing, huh? I can see why they'd do that, though. Awesome, I'm looking forward to being greeted by a lovely, top-notch camel face one day. XD Oh yeah, Gen. I was back before Silver Wind, Bug Bite, Megahorn... actually, were there ANY good Bug moves back then? It'd probably be weird to do a Ghost run in Gen. I, having to remember that they were instead weak to Psychic unlike now... and how there were only three Ghosts anyway. That is really odd. XD Same for some moves and Pokemon themselves. ^^
    Wow, being best on the Wii would probably have been my last guess, LOL. Oh no, hopefully he got the warehouse all fixed up after that! But I would certainly be interested in buying one of the others he has in stock. XD Have you ever used an Empoleon? The typing of it might appeal to you more, since it's half Water. Actually, it's one of my favorite final evolutions for a starter, though Blaziken will always take the top spot for me. A Bug run? That's a cool type to use for one. ^^ Which Pokemon did you use in that one? Bug is a type I haven't really used enough of, only Leavanny,
    Does the Epic Mickey 2 co-op work better in the other console versions? If so, that's not very encouraging. ^^; The Wii U controller could definitely go to some interesting use, but at the same time... it also has the potential to lead to overly gimmicky games, which is something the Wii fell victim to, to an extent. Just reading "Hello Kitty's evil boyfriend" makes me want to play it. XD Little Big Planet is a game that actually would probably work well on Wii U if it weren't a Sony title, come to think of it. Lucario's type combination is really neat, especially since it doesn't look Steel at all. ^^ Cool, I'll have to give that a try, maybe on Emerald Version or something.
    Yeah, I think N will actually be handled pretty well. It just seems hard to kind of mess him up. ^^;

    There were a ton of system updates right on launch day for the Wii U, weren't there? That's just... that doesn't seem very well planned out. Even people here who have blogged about getting a Wii U haven't seemed overly enthused by it, but maybe it will pick up when some more games are out. Like, for me personally, there aren't any must-haves on it that aren't also available for PS3. A Hello Kitty level on LBP? I've got a sister who'd like to play that level. XD Which Fighting-type did you use? I only really use two, Lucario and Mienshao (since they're pretty, LOL). Type runs... that's something I should do to make use of all my Water and Ice Pokemon. ^^
    Ah, true. Though the dark looks good with his hair color. XD At the very least, it will be interesting, I'm sure.

    Yeah, the Wii U hasn't really knocked my socks off, and honestly, it doesn't seem like people have been talking about it much. I'd recommend switching to Sony and the Playstation line, since those are always pretty well-built, and there are a lot of good games, both mainstream and niche. You've tried a Nuzlocke run? How well did it go? I've been interested in those, but never tried one. ^^; I kind of have a repetition problem, but with types. There always seems to be at least two water types on my team, LOL.
    Yeah, the darker red does seem to suit him more than a lighter shade would've. At the very least, the N arc might be a good indicator of what the next saga will be like in the anime. If you do end up drawing it, let me know. XD

    It's for PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U, though I personally find Sony's controllers better suited to fighting games. Catching them all is something I usually start off trying to do... and then just forget about it. About midway through any Pokemon game, I pretty much only catch things I like. ^^;
    It still looks really cute, though! Paul looks good in the Santa hat. ^^ It'll definitely be interesting to see how N is portrayed in the anime, but based on the trailers and things that have come out, the N arc seems to be shaping up nicely. Defeating him with a Rubic's Cube? XD That could make for a funny comic.

    If you're ever interested in getting a new fighting game, I highly recommend the Tekken Tag Tournament 2. It's fantastic. With Tepig, I don't really have to, but... I already picked Oshawott on Black, and my sister picked Snivy on White, so Tepig is the only one I don't have access to yet. So since I don't like doing the Global Link stuff, I might as well get Tepig this way. ^^;
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