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  • Yeah though maybe it might be certain Dawn stans annoying me with their shading that is influencing my opinions.
    Hey, sorry for the late reply(I don't go on this site much anymore) but I really enjoyed XY064(one of my favorites from this season) which was also a great Serena episode after her big makeover and i loved the character dev. she got about being more positive and not getting so emotional.No TR butting into the plot also helped.

    I felt that the really big episodes(gym battles,character dev,and capture/evolution episodes) in XY have been good recently but the fillers have been utter trash and most have been lazily written especially some of the recent fillers/fillerish episodes we have gotten.(like XY061/XY063,XY066,XY068)

    How do you feel about the Mega Evolution Specials, I though Act 1 was kinda bland but Act 2 and Act 3 were great especially since Act 2 actually had a plot unlike Act 1 and Lysandre seems like a pretty good villain and character thus far and is isn't just your generic villain.

    I also really love the way they are building up Alan/Marin's relationship and it actually feels real unlike most of the relationships in this anime. Marin is also a much better character the Bonnie imo and Act 3 proved how good she is with her helping Alan out even in a crisis situation at the risk of her own life.

    I think this analysis/review really helps in getting to no more about the characters(and how deep they are) and how much they have developed in the ME specials:
    In which Cass is the anonest anon that ever anon'd

    It's only after reading this did I realise that there was much more to the ME specials then you think.
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    Maya the Cat
    Late reply but I'll have to do a lot of catching up.
    Wow nice to see you after a long time, how have you been?

    Yeah, you should also watch Act 4 the ending is pretty intense and I almost cried during some scenes.

    Also there is a new season of XY called XY & Z where the Mega Evolution speicals and the main series crossover. Plus Team Flare finally debut in this arc after so long.
    Yeah, the episodes until they reach Lumiose City and the gym all seem like typical fillers tbh aside from the evolutions.

    And the reason why XY060 was good is because it was an important episode to the series and it developed Serena's character for the first time so they had to put some effort in it.
    Plus it was written by the head writer who has written VERY few episodes this saga being only the first two episodes, the gym battles and the summer camp arc.
    Sadly the series seems to go downhill from this weeks episode since as the next few episodes seem boring and redundant aside from the evolutions.

    In fact I'm probably skipping half those episodes.
    I watched XY054 subbed that's probably why.

    Yeah, the haircut scene was probably one of the most emotional scenes in the Pokémon Anime in a long time and it showed how Serena was starting a brand new future and putting her past behind her with those Flashbacks.
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