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  • XY054 was a good episode though.

    Wow, you must have HIGH expectations to see no improvements because I saw some improvements over the last 5 or so episodes(except for XY055 to XY057 which were boring fillers) compared to the first 50 episodes which most I found boring tbh since the charcters and Pokémon have been developing more over the recent few epiosdes and XY054 was a heartwarming episode that showed James' bond with Inkay well and the Malamar's plans are starting to get more suspicious as well. XY051 was also an entertaining episode with Hawlucha.

    So how was BW050 to BW055 any better than XY050 to XY055 as I felt that BW was starting to go downhill from then on tbh COMPARED to the end of the Nimbasa subway arc which was TONS better and just more exciting in general. Also BW050 to BW055 had probably what was one of the worst gym battles of all time and one of the worst fillers I had seen in a long time(BW053)which was a shame because the BW fillers up until then had been unique and exciting(eg. the UFO episode). This is from an UNBIASED point of view.

    Overall the first 50 episodes of BW were TONS better than the first 50 eps of XY. Though I don't know about the second half though. Honestly I would rate the first 50 eps of BW 9.5/10 and the first fifty episodes of XY a meh 5/10. So I am not lying when I say that the last few episodes of XY have been an improvement(except for XY055 to XY057 which were boring).

    Why can't you appreciate ANYTHING outside of BW. Or maybe the fact is that the XY series is just NOT for you since everyone is allowed to like and dislike any series they want.

    You probably won't like the haircut scene though knowing you.
    How many episodes do you have to catch up on, because there are some boring epiosdes along the way so "enjoy"!

    I hope that you also like Serena's new design and the haircut scene.
    You mean Benny+Lillia+Ash? If so I didn't expect to see you on BMGF also.

    I hope that you are "enjoying" the XY anime!
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