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  • Don't worry about, if anything that made it better because the games were revealed to come out a whole month earlier. xD
    Have fun with making your videos~
    No worries buddy, I can be patient. =) And I need to upload pics of all my new PokéStuff as well. Maybe this weekend...
    My advice would be to apply for jobs in-person/with paper rather than online whenever possible. Shows you have more interest in the job. All the ones I applied for online fell through except for one. Got a callback, had an interview, but I didn't get hired. Applied for others in-person, only got one callback. Had the interview with that place, and by some miracle they hired me. (Honesty I didn't think I had a shot there because when I dropped off my application I tried leaving the place through the wrong door. ^^;)

    Sweet, I look forward to it. =) I should be getting my Mightyena stuff sometime next week as well. :D
    Not getting the 3DS!? Blasphemy!!! jk xD
    Being a cashier isn't rocket science, but it's not so easy a monkey could do it. Overall I like it, since it provides me with funds to support my interests and other necessities. Only been working for 3 months though. My parents never made me get a job when I was in high school, but once I graduated it was high time for me to join the work force.

    Some customers are less than pleasant to work with, but most of them are nice and just want to make their purchases without any fuss. As for my co-workers, they range from "awesome" to "pleasant enough to work with."

    That said, I would not want to work there for the rest of my life. Cashiering pays for some stuff, but it's not fulfilling at all. It doesn't require any prior experience though at most places. (Which is good for me, since again, it's my first job.)

    And no worries about all the questions. =) Do you have any others?
    Is it that hard to believe? xD Well, I do spend quite a bit of time on here, so I could see why you would think I have no job.
    Joking aside, I work as a cashier. Not anything to brag about, but it does provide me with a small sum of cash to buy little things I may want.

    I'm going with White as my default/main version as well, but that was because of the version exclusives. (Wargle ftw!) My sis wants Black just because she likes Reshiram better than Zekrom, so she'll get that one. Only thing that disappoints me is that I can't get Black City without doing the High Link or something like that.

    Can do. You not planning on getting it?
    No worries buddy. =) I'm saving up for the 3DS myself...or rather I will once the Christmas season is over. My paycheck isn't huge, but I think I can manage $500 by the time March rolls around.
    :O That would be an awesome gift. Thanks for thinking of me. My gift to you would have been a Zekrom figure like this. (Just got mine last week.)
    I look forward to seeing it. =)
    Same. Wish I could send a lot of members her presents for Xmas, but lack of funds and the oddness of it (some random chick people have known for 3 months asking for your address so she could send a present) prevents me from doing so.

    No need to apologize. If you like posting those videos keep doing it, I'm not going to complain about it.
    The music was nice. As for the information presented in the videos, it seems to be covered fairly well by the likes of Serebii and Bulbagarden, so I don't know if there's any point to posting it again.

    Tbh = To be honest. I use ftw (for the win), imho (in my humble opinion), and otp (one true pairing) somewhat frequently as well. Any other acronyms/chat speak you have questions about?
    hey noticed you on kakuna's profile just want to answer your question TBH means To Be Honest, not necessarily text talking it is an abbreviation of what someone wants to say i.e. BRB is shorter than saying Be Right Back, LOL = Laugh Out Loud etc
    Thanks for the friend request. =) Looking forward to more pics of your collection.

    Also I just noticed our birthdays are roughly a week apart.
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