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  • Hey man. RM misses you. Hope you're doing alright out in the world.
    damn, that’s a notification I never thought I’d get. Glad to hear you are okay!
    I'm glad to be OK
    As I said, I've just kinda been elsewhere, even now.
    Oh and thanks for the follow.
    It isn't much of an account but it's mine. I'm basically my same friendly self, and I chose a character that exemplifies that.

    Also I just like Hamtaro
    I'm actually on Los Lobos (My Laptop) more often than I was before, even.

    Please, Miar-kun.
    8 years late, but yoo-hoo!
    And I got a Twitter now (2 of en, actually)
    Miar-kun, I'm becoming increasingly worried.

    I pray to Aizen that you have not left the forum for good.
    I'll still come by here as often as I can, Miar-kun.

    This will not be a permanent move from the forums, on my behalf.
    It's quite hot out here, also.

    Sorry for being absent; I've been finalizing packing and such for college (I leave Sunday morning).
    When you get an External CD Drive, it isn't terrible.

    I have to go now. I have no idea if I'll be back. See you later, Miar-kun! *Hugs*
    Well, actual Desktops would probably have a disc drive.

    My Laptop, however, does not have one (Though my External CD Drive from Moo Moo works perfectly on it).
    Indeed I did (I've had that name pondering around for it, since the topic of me getting a new Laptop came about).

    Windows 8.1 isn't as bad as I thought it would be.
    I hope you feel better soon, then.

    I'm becoming acquainted with Los Lobos, my new Laptop. He enjoys running games on the highest graphic interface, but he enjoys lagging at that level also.
    I sold Nissa immediately after, and now am creating a Deck around Lilianna.

    I have no idea what to do with Chandra or Jace, though.
    A few days ago, my man and I bought an M15 Booster Box.

    In the 18 packs I chose, I got four PLanewalkers (Liliana, Jace, Nissa, and Chandra), as well as a few other Mythic Rares. My man, on the other hand, only got two Mythics (And they weren't even worth that much).
    I'm the one who is consistently absent, though.

    I have calculated all that I need, and am going to confront my mother about visiting you. As always, I hope it floats over her well (But I can't guarantee that it will).
    Yeah, my haircut lasted longer than anticipated (I only cut off six inches, but it seems like so much more).

    I also trained Lord Aizen and Friends this morning. They are swimming along quite nicely, especially Saxbaess and Asthult (My Koffing).
    I think I've become more bizarre than ever (In a good fashion).

    And now, I have to go. I'm getting my precious locks of hair chopped off (I haven't doe so in over four years). See you later, Miar-kun (And I will keep you informed about visiting you (Of course))! *Hugs*
    What is it (The happy crying, or the fact I'd fly)?

    (Or just the fact that this might happen?)
    (Aizen, I feel like crying)

    I will see if I can brew up a last resort tonight into tommorow. I'd probably fly down there (To Quincy).
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