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  • I am currently progressing with my Normal-type reviews. Could you please provide a quote for the Whismur family?
    The match Netherlands VS Spain was worth staying up for (it started 4 AM in the morning here). I remember telling the teacher sitting next to me about the outcome (he hadn't seen the game) and he was shocked to hear that Spain lost x)
    My favorite moment was when I chose to retire to sleep after Uruguay scored first against Costa Rica. I left telling my dad that if they kept lowering their defenses then Costa Rica would pull a turnabout like the Dutch did. Next morning I hear that Costa Rica won xP (I don't like the Uruguay team much :/)
    The Dutch team seems to have an advantage going to the quarterfinals on paper, as compared to the other side of the bracket (such as, Brazil VS Colombia, and that given that they win, France and Germany would meet at quarterfinals too) x)
    That game starts in early morning so I might watch it after sleeping early xD And true, we'd need to beat Belgium with a score difference of at least three x(
    Current favorites are Germany, Netherlands and Costa Rica x)
    Have you been keeping up with the World Cup matches as well?
    I was too tired to stay up to watch Korea's game last night xD The games take place during late night to early morning (1 AM - 9 AM) so it's difficult to watch them live. I did watch our game against Russia live though, because that game started at 7 AM.
    I was having nostalgia and looking at my old RM posts back in RM7 and RM8. I was a lurker.
    Is it the graphics? xD Can't judge a book by it's cover. ^^

    Pokemon Y, Dark Souls, A Link Between Worlds, Battlefield 3, and Mass Effect 2. :)
    Lol Same here. I beat SS and working on A Link Between Worlds. I still have not played Twilight Princess yet. xD
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