Misheard Whisper
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  • I'm gonna beat you up, you know I was right about to post my review for your two chapters...and you go and POST ONE MORE, YOU'RE GONNA DIE >:C
    Don't worry man xD there's a lot of chapters, you'll have time, plus I mostly worte SYR so that you wouldn't need to read the first one.
    Don't expect to know all of them from the start xD you get brief descriptions anyway.
    Golly gee whizzikers? xD

    And yeah...that, I dont' know how to feel about that now >.< could've handled it better.
    You still got a ways to go then :p wow. I don't know I kind of dragged SYR after the main conflict was over for like 10 chapters, then added another conflict to close everything off xD

    Still thanks for listening and I have been trying ot review things and stuff.
    I mean Champion's Game xD

    I'm actually more scared of getting the job xD; I mean...it sound sspoiled and stuff but, I'm afraid that I'll get it and then when I'm there I'll mess up a lot or won't know how to do something.
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